Under screen camera is about to mass-produce commercial Shen Yiren: do not expect too high

June 9th news, Visionox previously announced that the off-screen camera is about to be mass-produced and commercial.

Visionox stated that they have implemented the world's first under-screen camera solution that reaches the level of mass production applications.

The scheme uses new transparent OLED devices, new driving circuits and pixel structures, and highly transparent new materials.

Through the optimization of special pixel arrangement, the brightness difference, color gamut difference and viewing angle difference between the transparent sub-screen and the main screen are eliminated, and batch delivery is realized.

Shen Yiren pointed out that at this stage, everyone should not put too high expectations on the off-screen camera. Whether it is the "under-screen" visual effect of the screen or the front-end self-timer effect, as an interesting attempt, the evolution path of new technologies is definitely tortuous, only Progressive improvement can finally achieve the desired effect.

Zhang Xuan, a product manager of OnePlus, pointed out that there will be a mass-produced commercial off-screen camera phone in the second half of this year, but this solution is not perfect at present.

The current under-screen camera solution has an impact on camera imaging. Therefore, based on the high quality requirements of the current flagship machine, whether the manufacturer will use this technology on the flagship product remains to be discussed.