Unleash the brand charm with positive energy, the legendary life advertisement appeared in the airport and circle of friends

Recently, the brand image advertisement created by Legend Jinsheng and Zhao Wei, the lipstick spokesperson, officially landed at Beijing Capital International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Haikou Meilan International Airport. Zhao Wei's elegant, refined, and intellectual image has made the legendary lipstick brand proposition of “excellent on every side” deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In addition to the three major airports, Legend Jinsheng also joined hands with Zhao Wei to bring the latest interpretation of the brand TVC to the circle of friends, and further convey the brand charm.

Legend has landed in Beijing Capital International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Haikou Meilan International Airport

Legendary Jinsheng’s advertisement landed in the airport and Moments of Friends, allowing more consumers to see the brand image of Legendary Jinsheng, allowing consumers to intuitively feel the power of social e-commerce, and at the same time demonstrate the confidence of Legend Jinsheng as a social e-commerce brand. As one of the most popular business models at the moment, social e-commerce steadily ranks in the C position of Internet keywords. In the era of hot personal entrepreneurship, the legendary life has obtained unprecedented development opportunities, and it also allows more consumers to understand the industry and behind the brand. Business opportunities.

Legend of this life X Zhao Wei image TVC high-profile appearance in the circle of friends

Adhere to the " regularization " of the brand , the legend will make an all-out effort to build an industry benchmark

Nowadays, the social e-commerce industry is growing against the trend, and new brands continue to emerge. As market competition intensifies, industry scuffles may appear in advance, and those who can persist in making products and brands will surely become industry benchmarks after a big wave.

Since the establishment of the brand, Legend Jinsheng has always been adhering to the concept of "regularization, positive energy, and good reputation" and operating with heart. Legend Jinsheng adheres to ingenuity and treats each product with heart, from new product development, product materials, production standards to after-sales service, and strives to achieve excellence in all aspects, to give back to consumers with the best products and services, and to persevere Attitude to create excellent products and brands.

Legendary lipstick

Faced with the ever-expanding market demand, in order to assist dealers to do a good job in market management, and to provide consumers with products and services with a standardized and unified business model, in 2020, Legend Jinsheng launched an official APP, whose content covers material libraries and popular Information, brand introduction, anti-counterfeiting inquiries, and brand declarations also provide dealers with management tools for purchasing and selling.

The official app

Through cooperation with the leading domestic electronic contract, electronic signature, and electronic signature service platform "Fada", the official APP of Legend Jinsheng has realized online signing of dealer authorization agreements and product sales contracts. Legal and effective electronic contracts are signed between distributors, clarifying the distribution relationship, distribution authorization, legal and compliance operations, product sales, product delivery, and payment for goods.

In order to further regulate the behavior of dealers, protect the rights of dealers, and protect the legitimate interests of consumers, the official APP of Legend Jinsheng has stipulated the dealer qualification acquisition, promotion evaluation system, product sales and price system, dealer rights and obligations, and products in the dealer code. Quality assurance, penalties for dealers who violate regulations, etc. Legend has persisted in the "standard" development of the brand in this life, striving to become a benchmark brand in the social e-commerce industry.

Witness the original intention with ingenuity, the image of "positive energy" is steadily upgraded

Legend Jinsheng has been deeply involved in the social e-commerce industry for many years, persevering in making every product well. Whether it is product research and development, production, or the excavation of consumer needs, Legend has always adopted the most dedicated attitude.

Legendary Jinsheng Lipstick's own factory-Guangzhou Fuzhuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has invested heavily in introducing advanced foreign production lines, building a sterile production environment, and making every effort to build an intelligent, fully automated and high-tech factory. Public information shows that in 2019, Guangzhou Fuzhuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has obtained ISO22716, GMPC, ISO45001, ISO9001, ISO14001 and other five system international standards certification, which is the best proof of the legendary life's high quality standards. Under the high-standard quality requirements, Legend Jinsheng Lipstick has passed 164 tests by the National Quality Inspection Bureau and SGS tests, and completed FDA registration.

Legendary lipstick own factory

The legendary life promotes its brand with quality. With outstanding product quality and brand power, the legendary life continues to gain recognition from all walks of life. At the 28th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival held in November 2019, Legend has won the title of "CCTV-6 Film Festival Live Partner" in this life, and will work with CCTV-6 to convey more positive voices to all walks of life; early 2020, Legend This life was awarded the "Top Ten Brands in Brand Power (Cosmetic Industry) in 2019", which was jointly issued by the "Market Watch" magazine of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, "China Top Brand" magazine, People's Daily "Market News Online Edition" Brand Power Special Issue , Is a commendation for the legendary life, but also a recognition of social e-commerce brands.

While gaining honor and recognition, Legend has not forgotten to actively perform corporate social responsibilities in this life. In 2019, the legendary life held four charity activities "Legendary Life Global Philharmonic Run", uniting foundations in different regions across the country to help many socially disadvantaged groups and benefit more people. Legend has always adhered to the brand value of "Adults to achieve oneself, cooperation and win-win", relying on the power of social e-commerce platforms to help different social classes realize their dreams of employment and entrepreneurship. In response to the national slogan "Innovation by all, Entrepreneurship by the masses", Legend Jinsheng proposed to help women realize their own life value as the brand's focus, and cooperated with the Women's Research Institute to promote women's lifelong learning and growth, and is committed to women Enhance charm and realize the transformation of life.

Whether it is building products and brands, or actively participating in public welfare, it is the efforts and persistence of Legend Jinsheng trying to change the society’s inherent impression of social e-commerce. “League Jinsheng is not only a brand, but also a well-founded, cultural and responsible person. Social e-commerce platform. We hope that more people can proudly say that I am a social e-commerce practitioner." said the person in charge of Legend Jinsheng.

Not afraid of global inspections, Legend continues to deploy international markets in this life

Today, the sales network of Legend Jinsheng covers more than 60 countries and regions on 6 continents, and has achieved good reputation in the international market. The advertisement appeared in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Haikou airports to confidently display the brand in front of domestic and foreign tourists, and further enhance the brand image of Legend Jinsheng. This is also an important step for Legend Jinsheng to internationalize.

It is reported that the international official website that the legend has prepared for a long time in this life will also be officially launched in the near future. The launch of the international official website represents the official establishment of an overseas brand of Legend Jinsheng, helping more overseas consumers to grasp first-hand brand information and the latest developments of the brand. The overseas spread of the brand image of Legend Jinsheng will be further enhanced.

Screenshot of the official website of the Legend of Jinsheng International

Legend this life adheres to the brand tenet of "regularization, positive energy, and good reputation". In the impetuous business era, it adheres to development step by step to become a model brand in the social e-commerce industry. This time, the legendary Jinsheng landing at the airport and entering the circle of friends is an important opportunity for the legendary Jinsheng to demonstrate its brand strength. It also allows more people to see the brand confidence of the legendary Jinsheng and feel the brand power of social e-commerce.