Unusual “double kidney”: BMW inext’s debut in China open

A few days ago, BMW officially displayed inext’s front and middle net, which is a closed design with triangular decorative lines.

At the same time, the part will integrate camera, radar and other sensors required by L3 and above level automatic driving, but it is not known when the central network will be officially put into production. Prior to the news, BMW inext will be in Germany in 2021 dingeffen factory mass production.

Inext is located in medium and large pure electric SUVs, equipped with the fifth generation Edrive electric drive technology, 5g mobile Internet, intelligent color changing side window and other technologies, and officially claims to have the ability of fully automatic driving. At the same time, the car will be equipped with L3 or above automatic driving function.

In terms of endurance, inext has a wltp endurance of up to 600km, and the performance version may be less than this value.  

At present, the specific details of inext’s front China open have not been released, but we can see from the photos that it adopts a closed design, and the words “welcome to the future” are printed on the surface of the exhibits, which seems to indicate the high level of technology of the model and China open.

Although we don’t see which sensors are integrated into the midnet, according to BMW, inext is designed for fully automatic driving. Are you looking forward to it?