US brokers: worst case Apple iPhone 12 will be postponed until next year

The new crown virus epidemic has spread throughout the world, and the number of people infected in the United States is increasing on a large scale. This situation has also brought more and more doubts about Apple Inc.'s release of new mobile phones this year. According to the latest news from foreign media, U.S. securities firm Wedbush recently released the latest research report that during the New Crown epidemic, Apple ’s worst case is that the release of the new iPhone 12 this year is not only postponed to the fall, but delayed By 2021.

According to foreign media reports, the company stated in its report that, in the worst case, the Apple smartphone supply chain reached full production in June. The most important 5G iPhone products were postponed in the fall of the previous year and passed the Christmas holiday at the end of the year. , Into the middle of fiscal year 2021.

The company said that although the Chinese smartphone market is gradually recovering, the US and European markets need to recover by the end of this year. In addition, in the Chinese market, the market demand for Apple's 5G mobile phones will be affected.

The brokerage said in the report that the negative impact of demand in the Chinese smartphone market is more severe than expected, and Apple will not launch 5G phones in the Chinese market. The low-cost iPhone will be available in June / July.

Regarding low-cost phones, Apple will release new and upgraded low-cost phones in the spring, which are generally priced at $ 400. However, with the new crown virus outbreak this year, it was previously reported that Apple's low-priced mobile phones have been postponed to the second quarter, which is basically in line with Wade Bush's forecast for mid-year listing. However, there is not much room for low-cost Apple phones in the Chinese market.

Foreign media pointed out that according to the broker's report, Apple is likely to continue to sell old and new mobile phones in the market this year, as well as newly upgraded low-priced mobile phones.

Of course, Wade Bush only mentions one of the worst situations, and it is unknown how likely this situation will occur.

According to sources in the supply chain, Apple ’s new mobile phone has been delayed this year. Apple originally needed to conduct engineering verification tests in March before the large-scale production of new mobile phones with foundry companies such as Foxconn Group. The earliest deadline for business trips has been postponed to the end of April (protecting employees' health and safety, which has been serious in Asia before), so it will affect the mass production of new mobile phones.

Sources said that mass production of Apple's new phones will be delayed by one to two months, and the launch of new phones may be delayed by one month.

Previously, supply chain sources did not say that Apple's new phone will be postponed until next year.

It is well known that 2019 is the first year of 5G, and many mobile phone manufacturers have launched 5G to compete for the market. Among them, Samsung Electronics and Huawei have become the two main companies. Apple did not launch 5G mobile phones last year and is at a disadvantage. Wall Street analysts have generally pointed out that Apple's new 5G mobile phones in 2020 will bring a peak year of sales, which will give Apple a boost that has been in the doldrums for many years.