US "Consumer Reports": Tesla "de-radar version" Model 3 gives top safety recommendations

In the morning news on June 30th, Beijing time, it was reported that the authoritative US consumer rights media "Consumer Report" and the "American Highway Insurance Association" announced today that they have resumed their top-level recognition of the safety of Tesla Model 3 models.

In the statement, "Consumer Reports" stated that the independent evaluation of the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that Tesla's active braking system and anti-collision system based on camera image recognition are effective, so it can now be restored for the 2021 Model 3 Recommendations of "Top Pick of Consumer Reports".

In May of this year, Tesla said that in the North American retail version of Model 3 and Model Y models produced after April 27 this year, radar sensors are no longer installed. In other words, the driving assistance and safety systems of these models will only be able to rely on cameras to capture images and visual recognition systems to recognize the surrounding road conditions in the future.

At that time, the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration's official website related to the 2021 Tesla Model 3 model showed that the agency had approved the aforementioned safety adjustments for Tesla's pure electric vehicles.

However, this change of Tesla still caused concern in the industry or consumers. They are worried that if the radar sensor configuration is reduced, the various assisted driving functions of Tesla electric vehicles will be affected, including vehicles. Anti-collision warning, lane departure warning, anti-collision active braking and dynamic braking support.

At present, on the website of the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the above-mentioned functions of Tesla's new electric vehicle are still not marked.

A spokesperson for the agency once told the media that according to the new safety evaluation system, all Tesla Model 3 models of the 2021 version have received the evaluation of "2021 U.S. Highway Traffic Safety Administration Top Safety Preferred+". Regardless of what anti-collision system the vehicle uses.

The US Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not yet conducted a new safety assessment for the new version of Model Y, but plans to complete a complete assessment report later in the third quarter. Their report will include the crash safety, anti-collision system and headlights of Model Y models.