US states investigate Apple’s “spin down gate”: led by Arizona

On the morning of July 30, Beijing time, Arizona and several states of the United States jointly launched an investigation into Apple’s deliberate slowing down of its old iPhone to determine whether it violated relevant trade regulations.

Last week, an independent document released by a science and technology oversight group showed that the Texas attorney general might sue apple through a multi state joint investigation, but did not disclose specific information at the time.

The ongoing investigation, which began at least in October 2018, has asked apple for data on the iPhone & amp; unintended shutdown & amp; and the company’s use of power management software to slow down its phones.

The attorney general’s offices in Arizona and Texas declined to comment. Apple has yet to respond.

In 2017, primate labs, a rating software developer, found that some iPhone processors would slow down over time, causing apple to fall into a whirlpool of public opinion.

Apple then admitted that it would slow down the processor by reducing its power requirements when the old phone power supply failed to provide the peak current required by the processor. Apple said that if it doesn’t adjust, the iPhone will shut down unexpectedly at peak power consumption.

Old iPhone users said it seemed to confirm Apple’s speculation that it would deliberately slow down old phones to encourage users to buy new ones. Apple has publicly apologized and cut the cost of replacing batteries.

Earlier this year, the company also agreed to pay $500 million to settle the class action that resulted. (Siyuan)