Used iPhone 8 P actually sold for 30,000 yuan (USD $4286) ? The reason is unimaginable

Recently, a game that is very popular overseas, “Fortress Night” was removed from Apple’s APP Store, which obviously made many loyal fans feel sad.

The reason why Apple removed it was because “Fortnite” officially wanted to bypass Apple and let users directly give the money to the developer. This is obviously unacceptable to Apple, so Apple has taken corresponding measures. After being removed from the shelves, many second-hand iPhones appeared on overseas second-hand websites, such as eBay, and these phones were all equipped with the “Fortress Night” game.

But the price of these phones is not cheap, even more expensive than last year’s Apple flagship iPhone 11 series. For example, many second-hand iPhone 8 Plus sold directly for a price of 30,000 yuan (USD $4286) , but it is still very popular, with high sales. Of course, these people are paying for “Fortress Night”.

It is worth mentioning that users were required to put up their iPad 7 devices with “Fortnite” installed on second-hand websites, and they were all sold at a super high price of $900. You know, the iPad 7 on Apple’s official website has been as low as $299 after several discounts. This is enough to see how much these fans love this game.