VAIO release teaser poster: new products will be released on February 18

VAIO’s official Weibo released a teaser poster today, indicating that the new product launch conference will be held on February 18. It can be seen from the poster that the new product uses a sunken screen hinge, supports 180° deployment, and has a very thin body.

And from the picture, the screen hinge is in the shape of the letter Z, which may indicate that the new product belongs to the Z series. This series achieves high-performance parameters in a thin and light body through high-density packaging and heat dissipation design technology.

For example, by eliminating component gaps as much as possible, and performing more precise packaging, the size of the motherboard can be effectively reduced, and a more compact body can be achieved. The dual fan design allows the processor’s TDP to reach 35W, achieving better performance release.

△ Source: VAIO official website

Based on such parameters, the new VAIO Z should be able to use Tiger Lake-H35, or allow the low-voltage version of the processor to have better sustained performance. With solid state hard drives and 2K screens, it is more suitable for users who travel frequently or have commuting needs.

However, the VAIO Z series has not been updated for several years, and the previous generation of products has limited reference. So in addition to the above content, the new VAIO Z may bring more surprises.

If you are interested in this notebook, you may wish to lock in the online press conference at 12:00 noon on February 18, as well as the VAIO Jingdong flagship store.