Very futuristic: Polestar Precept will debut at Beijing Auto Show

Some time ago, Polestar released the official image of its concept car Precept.

The new car adopts the minimalist aesthetic design language, the overall shape is quite exquisite, and it looks very stylish.

The line design on the side of the car is quite smooth, and the low body posture reduces the visual center of gravity of the vehicle, which looks very aggressive.

In addition to the obvious elements such as 22-inch tires and Thor’s hammer-shaped headlights, Polestar Precept also incorporates many emerging technologies-lidar installed on the roof, radar and ultrasonic sensors embedded in the grille, and both sides of the car. SmartZones sensor hub.

Recently, we learned that the Polestar Precept concept car will be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show, which opens on September 26. The new car shows the brand’s latest design language, which will also guide the brand’s future product design direction.

In addition to having an outstanding appearance, the inner cage is also dedicated. Precept shows the future concept of human-computer interaction. The car machine cooperates with Google and is equipped with a native Android Automotive OS (Android Automotive OS). The vehicle can automatically identify users through the Polestar digital key function, and automatically complete related vehicle settings based on user preferences and recent driving behavior.

The use of environmentally friendly interior materials is also one of the highlights of the new car. The interior panels and seat back panels of the new car use natural flax fiber composite materials from Bcomp. The official said that this material can reduce weight by up to 50% compared with traditional interior parts. , And can reduce 80% of plastic usage.