Video: alienare game ecosystem helps players understand the future

China joy 2020 enters the countdown, game enthusiasts finally ushered in the opportunity to get together and revel! In this summer’s game feast, how do senior players, it geeks and trendy gamers express their passion and enjoy the whole game in the game world? As the saying goes, “if you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools”. In order to fully experience the fun of the game and the pleasure of competition, in addition to the resounding strength, choosing the right game equipment is also very important!

Before, foresee the future; at this moment, judge and control the future! Second speed direct to the future sense technology brought by alienare!

If you want to deeply interact with the game plot and feel the exciting picture effect, how can you not have a smooth game process? The new Alienware Aurora R11, which adopts dual graphics card design, has made further progress in performance input. It also has real-time ray tracing technology and powerful AI enhanced image technology, which can bring real-time rendering of movie quality to the game with visual impact, and enhance the visual experience from the level of light, shadow and exquisite picture. In order to keep the fuselage performance strong for a long time, Aurora R11 is equipped with CPU + GPU dual condensation technology to provide stronger liquid cooling support for graphics cards and processors, effectively improve the cooling effect, and make players at the top of the battle every moment.

For the players who want to enjoy the fun of the game anytime and anywhere, how can we lack a “artifact” that is easy to carry, eye-catching and can play? Ultralight notebook alineware M15 / M17 2020 and future PC alineware area-51m with robust desktop performance The 2020 edition follows the new “prophecy” design of alineware, and is equipped with the signboard “infinite ring light belt”. It is born with a sense of science fiction. It escorts the battlefield with high refresh rate and strong performance, so that the high-level players who love 3A games can also be invincible in the battle to victory.

In order to enjoy the personalized and intelligent game experience in an all-round way, apart from the high-end hardware in one step, how can we lack the combination of software and peripherals that complement each other? In the complete game ecosystem created by Alienware to meet the diversified needs of players, the exclusive awcc alien intelligent control center can not only make players easily overclock, but also make use of alienfx Gamma The lighting system supports more than 190 games to create customized effects. It can adjust the lighting effects on PC, external keyboard, mouse and earphone, so that players can express their emotions and feel the pleasure of driving the arena at their fingertips!