Video: Dell G series willfully unlock “super sense play” game experience

China joy 2020 game carnival is coming! For mainstream players and E-sports enthusiasts, gathering in ChinaJoy is bound to exchange game tactics, exchange actual combat skills, and select a set of hard core PC and peripheral combination to help the game experience to a higher level!

Quickly understand the Dell G series product portfolio and create your “super sense play” game experience!

The newly launched G series games set a unique shape and strong configuration in one, and made great efforts in lighting, vision, fluency and other aspects, completing the mission of 360 ° creating “super sense playing” experience, which is favored by mainstream players.

Gorgeous and cool RGB lighting effect, is the unique romantic feeling in the eyes of game players! The G-Series game books and new desktop computers, which use some functions of the alinware ecosystem, are equipped with alien customized lighting effects of alien. They can interact with 190 + Games in depth, and have up to 16.8 million colors to choose from. Awcc alien intelligence control center makes the software modules of G series more personalized. Through the game profile function, it can record personalized game presets for players, and switch the exclusive audio-visual electric heating mode according to different game needs. In the game library, the player can easily become a game collector. Even if hundreds of games are downloaded, they can also be unified management and quickly customized.

In the fierce war games, a set of handy peripheral products often become the decisive key. Choose a pair of game headphones to quickly listen to sound and identify the position. With its excellent sound effect, the overall presence of the game can be significantly improved; while the high-quality mouse can be trapped in the problem of sliding frame skipping, players with complete equipment have sensitively completed precise sniping, and fully enjoy the feeling of being the master of the game!