Visionox exclusively supplies Huami Amazfit X flexible screens to be sought after in the smart wearable field

On August 25, smart wearable manufacturer Huami Technology officially announced that the Amazfit X concept smartwatch has officially launched a crowdfunding campaign. Amazfit X is favored by consumers because it is equipped with a 2.07-inch high-definition colorful 3D AMOLED curved screen. The sales of the product exceeded 1 million yuan within one hour of crowdfunding. According to supply chain news, the flexible AMOLED screen of this product is exclusively supplied by Visionox.

In the past, ring watches like Bands often existed in science fiction movies. However, with the development of flexible screen technology, products that seemed inaccessible before have come to reality. The Amazfit X concept smart watch adopts a curved design and fits perfectly with the wrist through a 2.07-inch 3D AMOLED flexible curved screen. The screen pixel density is 326 ppi, and the color saturation is as high as 100% NTSC. It not only has the screen display quality of a flagship watch, is clear and brilliant, but also expands the display area. The display area of the watch is extended from the watch face to the curved surfaces at both ends, effectively solving the contradiction between the wrist space and the display area.

Flexible screens are becoming the standard for high-end smart wearables. It is understood that OPPO's first smartwatch, OPPO Watch, released in the first half of the year, is also equipped with a flexible AMOLED screen, making it an Android watch with a respectable appearance. In April last year, Nubia released the world's first "wrist phone", which is equipped with a 4.01 inch flexible AMOLED screen, making it the first time for wearable products to realize a curved display screen.

It is understood that the flexible screens of the above smart watches are exclusively supplied by Visionox. Visionox has been focusing on the OLED field for many years, and has an under-screen camera solution to achieve 360° bending, 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate, HiAA, On cell touch, COP and other innovative technologies. According to industry analysts, the 5.5-generation production line in Kunshan owned by Visionox is also more economical in supplying wearable products.

The latest research of the Internet of Things service department of Counterpoint Research shows that despite the continuation of the new crown epidemic, the sales revenue of the global smartwatch market has achieved a healthy growth of 20%. The shipment volume in the first half of 2020 is close to 42 million. The same as last year.

As consumers' health awareness increases, the demand for wearable devices such as smart watches continues to increase. At the same time, because the watch is worn on the wrist for a long time, the decorative performance of the product cannot be ignored, and the role of the flexible AMOLED screen in boosting the appearance of the product is more prominent. Obviously, flexible screens will further increase the penetration rate of smart watches. Visionox, which has innovative OLED screen technology, will continue to reap market share in the smart wearable field, directly benefiting from the industry's growth dividend.

Source: Li Hui