Visit Huawei's flagship store in Chengdu to explore HarmonyOS 2 you didn't know

Chengdu is not only the food on the streets, but also the smart life experience of Huawei’s flagship store in Vientiane City. The first Huawei flagship store in the southwest region uses environmentally friendly materials and green humanistic design, presenting advanced wisdom in the whole scene concept, and also brings a very distinctive AR panda interaction, which brings “to Chengdu residents who love to enjoy life” Bashi” is a science and technology experience resort.

Huawei flagship stores are urban living rooms in core areas across the country, constantly witnessing the meetings and exchanges between Huawei’s heavyweight technology experts and consumers who are concerned about Huawei’s innovative technology. On the afternoon of June 28, Huawei’s Chengdu flagship store HarmonyOS experience officer face-to-face exclusive event-HUAWEI Talk ushered in senior product marketing director Lu Wenyu, sharing the interconnected experience, UX design story and privacy protection brought by HarmonyOS 2.

HarmonyOS was born mission: to bring a better ecological experience

Huawei’s R&D engineers have been committed to meeting the needs of consumers with leading technology. They found that when consumers accumulate more and more smart terminals, although work efficiency is improved to some extent, more often, there are quick and simple connections between devices, simple controls, and a good cross-device APP experience , Has become an urgent problem to be solved. The birth of HarmonyOS is to become a solution that connects different devices together to form a super terminal, bringing consumers an unprecedented intelligent experience.

After installing the HarmonyOS system, different hardware can be combined freely in the same operating system. For example, smart phones and Huawei’s PCs, tablets, and speakers do not need cables and complicated pairing models. Just pull the device icon and the hardware can be combined, which is very convenient. The connection under the HarmonyOS ecosystem breaks through the limitations of its own hardware to the greatest extent, and uses other device hardware to provide a variety of experiences. For example, when a mobile phone is connected to another device, the screen of this device becomes a large mobile phone. The screen, the sound of this device becomes a mobile phone sound. In the future, there will be more and more smart terminals, and more smart terminals will be combined to become a super terminal, the experience will be better and better, and the efficiency will be higher and higher.

HarmonyOS Stream Transformation Intelligent Service Experience

After upgrading the HarmonyOS system, the smart service of the device brings a more concise and intuitive experience of the desktop combination experience, including office, entertainment, sports, etc. In the design of the desktop card, you can choose to set it on the desktop and slide up display according to user habits. In terms of design concept, making up-slide cards allows users to strike a balance between the speed and convenience of obtaining information. At the same time, the slide-up design can not affect the space of the desktop after the user’s cards increase. Multiple cards can be swiped up to view, and other places on the touch screen are retracted, which can not only avoid opening the APP all the time, but also quickly understand information. In addition, for some private information, such as memo sliding up, it also helps to protect privacy.

At the same time, in the upcoming functions, a personalized selection space is also made for users. After selecting the theme, the color, background and other designs of the card will change with the theme.

Protecting consumer privacy and safety is the number one priority

While optimizing the experience, the HyperTerminal based on the entire HarmonyOS has been committed to protecting the privacy and safety of consumers and creating a safe environment for users. After HarmonyOS is connected to more terminal devices, privacy and security will extend from a single terminal to all smart terminals, ensuring the safety of the hyper terminal.

When one terminal is connected to another terminal, security applications will be applied to all devices to ensure that the devices are safe and reliable from various aspects, such as whether the devices are produced and sold through normal channels, whether they are secured and account login Only after comprehensive monitoring to ensure safety, the device is allowed to be combined with other devices to become a hyper terminal.

At the same time, the application ecology based on HarmonyOS will ensure the end-to-end security protection process. When it releases the application, there will be more than 200 project tests. At the same time, when consumers install it, HarmonyOS will have a pure mode, open In pure mode, users can only download and install safe applications from Huawei’s application market to ensure the application environment of the entire mobile phone. At the same time, during operation, the behavior of the application can also be detected at the same time. If there is any situation that affects privacy, the system will report and deal with it in time.

In addition to HarmonyOS 2, in the future, Huawei City Living Room will continue to share the latest and trendiest smart life experience with consumers who love technology and love life.