Visual Capital releases TOP5 mobile phone brands, occupying 3 seats in China

Recently, Visual Capitalist, a big data organization, has compiled the TOP lists of various consumer electronics products. In terms of mobile phones, domestic mobile phone manufacturers occupy three seats in the TOP5. The three domestic manufacturers Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO have achieved 20%, 10%, and 9% of sales respectively.

As the best performing manufacturer in the global market this year, Huawei has not only continued to expand the domestic market, but also performed well in Russia and Europe. Xiaomi’s flagship mobile phones, the Mi 10 series and Redmi K30 series, which were launched this year, have also been recognized by consumers, and even a situation where one device is hard to find. In addition, the Indian market has been performing well, so it ranks fourth among global mobile phone manufacturers .

As a veteran mobile phone manufacturer, OPPO has seized the opportunity of the 5G era. The Find series, Reno series, and Ace series launched have achieved good sales and reputation. OPPO has also expanded its business scope through the IoT ecological layout, and will release its first smart TV on October 19. In addition to the domestic market, Southeast Asia, India and other markets are now also strategically important for OPPO. OPPO has also entered Japan, Europe and other markets, and has achieved significant results in a short period of time. Therefore, on this list, OPPO also Ranked fifth.

In addition to these three domestic brands, vivo and Lenovo also ranked sixth and seventh with 8% and 3% of sales respectively. The sales of these domestic brands add up to 50%, which shows that domestic mobile phone manufacturers have occupied a leading position in the world. The 5G era is a rare opportunity and challenge for major mobile phone manufacturers, especially in the domestic market, where competition is extremely fierce, which also urges domestic mobile phone manufacturers to pursue configuration upgrades and technological advancements to improve product competitiveness. It is foreseeable that in the next few years, domestic mobile phone manufacturers will further shine in the global market and achieve better results.