Vivo a new machine has passed 3C certification and adopts waterfall screen or under screen camera

Recently, a netizen found on the national 3C certification website that a new version of vivo v1950a was certified, which not only supported 5g, but also equipped with 44w cable fast charging. Later, the well-known digital self media blogger tweeted that the mobile phone is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 865 SOC processor and uses a full screen waterfall screen without holes. The news triggered a heated discussion among netizens.

Waterfall screen is not new to many consumers. This is a screen released last year. The curvature on both sides of the screen is close to 90 degrees. It can be said that it is an upgraded version of curved screen with excellent visual impact. Last year, both vivo nex 3 and Huawei mate 30 Pro used waterfall screens.

Later, some netizens speculated that if the screen of this new mobile phone is not perforated, it is possible to use an off screen camera, which is quite appropriate; digital blogger I Bing cosmos once posted on Weibo that vivo will lead other brands in this year, starting off the off screen camera, which coincided with the netizens’ speculation, and also made netizens have more reason to believe that this 5g new mobile phone with waterfall screen , it should be an upgrade of vivo nex 3.

At present, vivo official did not give more information, but if the speculation is true, then the mobile phone is very worthy of expectation.