Vivo and ZTE complete field test of 5G millimeter wave mobile phones

Recently, in the outfield millimeter wave test in Beijing Huairou organized by the IMT2020 (5G) Promotion Group, vivo and ZTE Corporation, based on vivo's 5G millimeter wave mobile phone, measured the downlink 4CC 2.06 Gbps peak rate, extending the test distance to 1.3km ( Limited by the on-site LOS distance limit).

Vivo’s 5G millimeter wave mobile phone is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G modem and a QTM millimeter wave module. According to the test requirements of the IMT2020 (5G) promotion group, in conjunction with the ZTE millimeter wave base station, the tests were performed in the ZTE macro station mode. Large coverage and extreme peak micro-coverage application scenarios in micro-station mode.

Prior to this, from September 14 to September 22, vivo’s 5G millimeter wave mobile phone completed a multi-probe anechoic chamber and ZTE millimeter wave base station in the millimeter wave OTA performance test system of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. The test of MIMO throughput has reached the expected goal under the channel environment of AWGN, CDL-A, and CDL-C, laying a solid foundation for the future commercial use of 5G millimeter waves.

Millimeter wave is one of the two main technical directions in the current 5G network construction process, and the other is the currently commercially available Sub-6GHz. Because of its high frequency band, millimeter wave has the advantages of large bandwidth, high speed, and low latency. It is one of the important technologies for the long-term continuous enhancement of 5G, and it is also the deployment focus of the next stage of my country's 5G network construction.

It is worth mentioning that the vivo 5G millimeter wave mobile phone that participated in the field test solved the coexistence with the existing Sub-6GHz antenna, and through a reasonable layout to ensure the excellent millimeter wave performance of users in different holding positions, in China Information and Communication In the tight-field darkroom environment of the research institute, the vivo 5G millimeter wave mobile phone has completed the 3GPP TS38.521-3 standard radio frequency and antenna OTA index tests. Among them, the Peak EIRP and 50% CDF corresponding EIRP results significantly exceed the 3GPP standard The requirements prove that vivo 5G millimeter wave research and development technology strength, has the commercial ability of millimeter wave mobile phones.