Vivo founder's annual meeting speech, in addition to not forgetting the original intention and future prospects

At the recent vivo annual meeting, Shen Wei, the founder of vivo, delivered a speech-"The Original Heart of vivo". In this annual conference speech, in addition to summing up his work over the past year, Shen Wei also published his vision for the future of vivo in 5G, and announced that vivo will enter the European market in 2020.

In his speech, Shen Wei said that vivo will continue to invest heavily in overseas markets in 2019, allowing the company's overseas sales to exceed domestic sales for the first time in the latest month, with India's offline market reaching the top position in the offline market. However, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Russia, and the Asia-Pacific region have been steadily steadily progressing, and have been gradually progressing, while achieving rapid growth in the Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets.

In his speech at the annual meeting, Shen Wei once again emphasized vivo's internationalization strategy "More Local, More Global". To this end, vivo will open up the European market in 2020. Shen Wei said that in this newly launched region in Europe, vivo is still a brand new. Therefore, we must remember to operate with the mentality of other regional market winners. Everything must be started from scratch, and respect the local market, local culture, and local talents. Only by doing these points can local consumers recognize and care for you. .

In addition to reflecting on the past year and looking to the future, Shen Wei also believes that the future of vivo should "do not forget the original intention and re-enter the entrepreneurial road." The so-called original intention is not to forget the original, and the original is the role and values of vivo. It is precisely because of this original intention that the company supporting vivo has gone through 25 years.

In the end, Shen Wei also said in his speech that although the Chinese market encountered certain challenges in 2019, vivo believes that as long as it returns to the original heart of the subculture, it will return to do the right thing and get things on the right track, and maintain strategic self-confidence While resisting all disturbances such as temptation, we insist on making products well driven by consumers and design. What's more important is that insisting on serving the three types of consumers, retailers, and shopping guides will be able to recreate the Honor that belongs to vivo's Chinese market!