vivo Liu Hong: In March, terminal sales rose against the market and completed full-price 5G mobile phone coverage

The 2020 Gengzi Year will be unforgettable for many people, and all walks of life across the country will be greatly impacted from the outbreak of the Spring Festival. As a result, the domestic smart phone market has fallen by 30% -50%.

Many people continue to be bearish on March sales data, but China has played a major role in this war epidemic, and began to quickly control the epidemic in March, and the number of newly diagnosed diseases nationwide has fallen sharply.

Adverse market rise, vivo sales surged 10% in March from last year

Vivo Vice President and President of the Chinese Market, Liu Hong, revealed in a recent interview that the entire mobile phone industry has been growing at a faster rate since March, and Vivo is faster, with a growth of more than 10% over the same period last year.

Behind the 10% year-on-year growth is not that after the impact of the epidemic, ordinary people's "retaliatory consumption" caused the data to rise abnormally.

Liu Hong said that the consumer demand for electronic products is relatively stable, that is, they should still buy, so vivo's mobile phone sales data is fairly good.

It was thought that the epidemic would cause the offline mobile phone market to fluctuate and even collapse. Another key reason for the year-on-year growth of vivo in March was from the strong demand for 5G mobile phones from the public.

Plan ahead for 5G mobile phone coverage at full price

Consumer demand for 5G mobile phones in 2020 exceeded vivo's expectations. However, since last year, vivo has taken precautions, and its 5G products including NEX3S, X30 series, Z6, iQOO 3 and other models have been launched one after another.

It is also officially because these mobile phones have been listed that vivo's entire 5G mobile phone strategy has been launched earlier this year. Vivo successfully took the lead in the first quarter of 2020 in the 5G mobile phone blowout, to achieve full coverage of the 2000-6000 yuan (USD $286) price range.

It is precisely because of the launch of many 5G mobile phones that cover different income, consumption, gender, circle and other consumers, vivo sales will be much higher than expected. Liu Hong said, "From 4G to 5G, vivo has been providing better products and services to allow consumers to have a better experience and provide consumers with choices."

Liu Hong said. Consumers are also "voting with their feet." 4G and 5G versions coexist, and 5G mobile phones cost hundreds of dollars. Many consumers are willing to buy in one step. According to the data revealed by Liu Hong in the interview, consumers choose more than 70% of the 5G version.

In an interview, Liu Hong also revealed a message that another 5G mobile phone, S6, which is owned by vivo, is also being warmed up. The S series is precisely positioned as a youth fashion user group, and it is bound to set off a trendy male trend in the near future. The upsurge of machine replacements will meet consumers as soon as the end of March.

At present, vivo's 5G products have matured. In terms of cost control, manufacturing, and functional experience, 5G products have reached 4G maturity. He also predicted that this year, the entire mobile phone industry is expected to launch 5G mobile phones at the price of 1,500 yuan (USD $214) in the fourth quarter or the end of the year.

"One Master, Three Assistants" Gameplay Meets Individual Needs of Young Users in the 5G Era

In addition, in view of the increasing individual needs of young users in the 5G era, Liu Hong bluntly stated that after launching a "one master and three assistants" game last year, vivo launched a lot of IoT products.

"One Master" is a smart phone. Around the mobile phone are mobile power, protective shells, protective cases, etc., as far as possible, R & D and production of mobile phone accessories that consumers often use;

"Sansuke" is smart headphones, AR glasses and smart watches. Earphones and glasses have been released and displayed last year. Smart watches will also meet with you this year.

Vivo mainly revolves around this strategy and continues to broaden its categories. Whether it is watches or other products, Vivo can create more value for consumers. Consumers can now see that more and more other types of electronics are on sale.


In general, behind the contrarian increase in sales volume of vivo in March, on the one hand, the brand actively embraced 5G and completed the multi-price terminal product coverage in advance; on the other hand, it also had strong demand for 5G mobile phones with consumers. Inseparable.

The more important core point is that every switch of mobile communication technology is a good opportunity for consumers to upgrade their experience. For mobile phone manufacturers, it is also an innovation or an upgrade of some products.

In the process of moving from 4G to 5G, vivo is taking actual actions to bring better functions and experiences to consumers. The "One Master, Three Assistants" gameplay is proposed to allow users to enjoy a one-stop shopping experience, so when buying 5G mobile phones and 5G mobile phone peripherals now and in the future, it is recommended to preferentially choose a market such as vivo, which is well-known and early to cover the well-known 5G mobile phone full price coverage Brand, let yourself want to taste fresh and fast Internet experience.