Vivo releases OriginOS, the specific changes are these

Today, vivo officially released the brand new OriginOS system. OriginOS has undergone major upgrades in system design and interaction, which can bring a completely different new experience, and vivo phone users can look forward to it. Let's understand the core changes of OriginOS together.

OriginOS adopts a new desktop architecture system, which is officially called "Huarong Grid". The desktop content arrangement has become more flexible and beautiful. Users can adjust the size of the icons/components, change the arrangement, etc. The degree of customization is very high. Users can create creative desktops and at the same time improve the interaction efficiency accordingly.

In terms of information presentation, OriginOS brings an atomic notification function. Atomic notifications can extract key information, concisely display the core information you care about, reduce interruptions, and will not miss important information.

OriginOS provides an atomic component library. The system organizes the atomic components and provides a variety of simple and convenient ways to retrieve them. It is worth mentioning that dragging an icon from the component library and placing it in the application interface can also open the small window mode to meet the multi-task operation scenario.

For example, components like the Atom Walkman can be directly operated on the desktop after being placed on the desktop without entering the application. Users can also seamlessly switch the contents of different players such as local music, QQ music, and Himalayas on the Atom Walkman.

In terms of interaction, OriginOS supports the customization and combination of different interaction methods, which can bring unprecedented freedom of interaction. The user can complete 26 navigation combinations with a simple click operation, including most mainstream operation methods. Not only can you meet the original usage habits, but you can also create your own gesture combination, making it easier to find your favorite operation method.

OriginOS provides three very unique original scenery windows: sky window, time window and behavior wallpaper, which can bring an interactive experience.

The sky window will bring real natural phenomena to the desktop. The shape, size and density of a cloud layer are drawn by simulating and sampling thousands of sceneries from different regions. The time window allows the wallpaper to follow the scenes in different time periods to change corresponding parameters. Behavioral wallpaper can combine the number of steps with the blooming of flowers in the wallpaper. These unique innovations allow you to feel the dynamic connection with the world in your mobile phone.

It is worth mentioning that OriginOS provides different window styles and icon styles with a higher degree of personalization. In addition to the unique OriginOS innovative desktop, you can also switch to the traditional desktop with one click to easily meet the needs of different user groups.

In addition, OriginOS also adopts a timeline design, and users can perceive time changes in the icon. It supports a more convenient super card package function, which can quickly slide out the card package page on the desktop, APP or lock screen, greatly simplifying the operation steps.

At present, the official has not announced the specific model upgrade plan. For more information, please pay attention to follow-up reports.