Vivo S6 Launch Date Announced: "A Good Show" Performed Online March 31

Not long ago, @ 中国 新闻 网 官 微 said that in March, many domestic mobile phone manufacturers will release a variety of new 5G products, of which vivo is the largest. The brand not only released a vivo NEX 3S aimed at the high-end market in March, but also a new 5G product aimed at young men and women, vivo S6, which will most likely meet with the public in late March.

Sure enough, after previewing a few waves about the characteristics of the vivo S6 product, today's official vivo Weibo announcement: The online launch time of the vivo S6 is set to be March 31. This young and stylish 5G selfie flagship, the official debut time is finally settled.

There are still more than a dozen days before March 31. It may be worth reviewing the many features of the official real hammer vivo S6 mobile phone in advance.

Dual-mode 5G chip

As one of the earliest mobile phone manufacturers in the 5G ranks in China, vivo has been gradually making more of its series 5G, and this time it is the vivo S series, which is mainly fashionable.

On March 11, vivo's official Weibo post a small video, officially confirming that vivo S6 has a 5G version. The video content mainly shows the fast 5G network speed of vivo S6. The "strong performance, dual-mode 5G" copywriting seems to imply that the performance of this 5G chip built into the vivo S6 is "sturdy and requires no explanation."

Gradient, thin body

As a brand that focuses on "young" and "beauty", the vivo S6 launched by vivo this time is not only equipped with a 5G chip. From the official video content, the thickness and weight of the vivo S6 are also slim and light.

At the same time, the vivo S6 series is also the face value of 5G mobile phones. It adopts a dream-gradient color body, and the back cover is covered with a layer of 3D curved glass that makes the hand feel more comfortable. The arc of the fuselage has also been carefully tuned, as if it is a "crafts" held in the hands, becoming a trendy fashion for young men and women.

Night scene selfie

When it comes to "illuminate your beauty", everyone must think of vivo. Whether it is a slogan or an actual experience, the selfie effect of vivo mobile phones is praiseworthy. This time the vivo S6 will usher in a new upgrade at night selfies.

The nightlife of today's trendy men and women can be described as "full of youth and vitality." Vivo officially announced that the vivo S6 night shot has surprises, indicating that the vivo S6 can "illuminate your beauty" at any time, whether during the day or at night.

I believe that the mystery of vivo S6 is much more than that. Let us wait patiently for vivo S6 to bring a good show to young men and women on March 31.