Vivo S6 official real machine rendering exposure: stylish color, curved body

This afternoon, vivo announced a real machine rendering of the vivo S6. We can see the design of this new machine in advance. The Vivo S6 is positioned for 5G selfies. The official has previously announced the dual-mode 5G, night view selfie, and thin body features. Today, the appearance color of the aircraft is disclosed for the first time.

As can be seen from the officially released renderings, the overall color of the vivo S6 body is more white, and a gradient design has been added. It has a faint purple gradient effect and is fresh and stylish. This color scheme is in line with the youthful style of the vivo S series .

The back of the fuselage is designed with a 3D curved surface, which looks more rounded. The transition between the back of the fuselage and the middle frame is natural. I believe that the grip will be very comfortable. Earlier, the official also revealed that the weight of the vivo S6 will be controlled at more than 100 grams, and the light body will greatly improve the grip feel. The actual effect is worth looking forward to.

In terms of selfies, the vivo S6 should have a relatively large improvement, which is also the main feature of this new machine. The official information suggests that the vivo S6 may have a new experience in nighttime selfies, and selfies in the dark light environment are more clear and touching. The selfie experience of the vivo S series has been very good. I believe that the vivo S6 will also bring a major upgrade in selfies.

The vivo S6 will also support dual-mode 5G. No official information has been announced. It is speculated that it may be equipped with a Snapdragon 765G chip to provide excellent performance and 5G network support. From the current exposure information, vivo S6 will continue the characteristics of the S series, bringing a balanced and unique 5G mobile phone. More related information will be announced one after another, and interested friends can continue to follow.