vivo S6 will be released next week, in addition to thin and light, these highlights

At present, vivo has announced that it will hold a new product launch conference on March 31 to officially launch the first thin and light 5G mobile phone, the vivo S6. The relevant warm-up of the official vivo Weibo has started two weeks ago. Let ’s take a look at what kind of mobile phone the vivo S6 is.

The first thing we can confirm is that vivo S6 is a brand new 5G phone. Currently, vivo has released 7 5G models including iQOO Pro 5G, NEX 3 5G, X30 5G, X30 Pro 5G, iQOO 3, NEX 3S, and Z6. Each product has its own characteristics. Perhaps this time the vivo S6 can bring a different 5G experience.

The vivo S series has always been the main product for taking pictures, and this time the vivo S6 is no exception. The vivo S6 supports the night-time self-timer function, so you can get clear self-timer photos even in a dim environment.

In addition, lightness is the biggest feature of vivo S6. As we all know, in the 5G era, the weight of almost every mobile phone has increased to more than 200g. Although everyone does not like heavy mobile phones, consumers have no choice in order to ensure the experience of 5G mobile phones. According to official news, the weight of the vivo S6 did not exceed 200g this time, and it was described as "lightweight beyond imagination", which may bring surprises in weight.

Regarding the appearance of the product, the official has also announced the real photo. The back of the fuselage uses a gradient design, from white to purple, which is also very consistent with the positioning of the vivo S series, young and stylish. The camera module is designed by Oreo. From the promotional video released this morning, it can be seen that there are 4 cameras in it.

The front of the fuselage uses a water drop screen design. In addition, the second color of vivo S6 was also unveiled, from white to purple, but the color was a little darker.

In addition to the above information, what kind of surprise can vivo S6 bring? We will wait and see.