Vivo S7 is more beautiful? Let’s take a look at the measured results of my sister

In the summer of August, mobile phone manufacturers are also busy with the launch of new products in the second half of the year. After all, the next step is the traditional sales node for the opening of school and national day. Among them, vivo S7, which focuses on selfie, has two spokesmen, Liu Haoran and Lisa, aiming at both domestic and overseas markets. It is not difficult to see that after a number of product iterations, vivo s series has taken over the burden of X Series shipment. At the same time, the upgrade of vivo S7 in image performance and appearance design also reflects that the series has gradually formed its own style.

After the vivo X50 is only 7.49mm in thickness, vivo S7 sets the thinnest record of 5g mobile phone again, with thickness and weight of 7.39mm and 170g respectively. Interestingly, vivo S7 not only continues the camera design language of X50, but also uses the classic sandwich design. However, the 2.5D glass back cover with Ag grinding process is almost hidden in the middle frame. At the moment when 3D curved fuselage is common, the design of vivo S7 is more personalized.

Selfie is the core function of vivo S7. On the 6.44 inch OLED screen, it is the front dual camera combination of vivo S7. It also saves the trouble of digging holes on the left or right. The front main camera is based on 1 / 2.65 inch isocell slim GH1, which supports f2.0 aperture, PDAF auto focusing and EIS electronic anti shake. In addition, there are 8 million front-end auxiliary cameras, with an ultra wide angle of 105 degrees, which solves the problem that self-photos and landscape photos can’t be synchronized.

In addition to the upgraded front dual camera, the vivo S7 is also equipped with a 64 megapixel GW1 main camera. Support f / 1.89 aperture. We should be familiar with GW1. As a 1 / 1.72 inch sole, it supports tetacell four in one technology, and can be combined into a 16 million pixel photo. Vivo S7 uses this main camera to improve the details of the new camera and its performance in weak light and dark light.

So, what is the effect of the actual shooting? Due to the two front cameras, vivo S7 also has the option of zoom when taking selfies. From the same position switching effect, super wide angle sub camera can easily take photos with half body with background. In addition, the optimization of distortion control is also in place. The face is not getting fat because of the super wide angle, but it is smaller after the space is increased.

Another important upgrade in front of vivo S7 is the addition of PDAF autofocus. The nearest focusing distance is 15cm. Combined with human eye tracking and high pixel, vivo S7 can keep the definition at different shooting distances.

From the real shooting point of view, vivo S7 maintains the characteristics of a series of exquisite self portraits. The color temperature of the whole piece is warm, and the skin is white and red. In addition, it is worth noting that the resolution of vivo S7 self photo reaches 7296 * 5476, and it can be oversampling in the later stage.

In fact, the selfie of vivo s series is well received by everyone. In addition to the fact that it is really good-looking, the key point is that it is real and natural. Of course, in the face of the change of social video, vivo S7 not only improves the self shooting effect, but also adds a variety of playing methods, such as front 4K / 60 frame video recording, slow shot and self shooting anti shake. However, limited by space, the video experience needs to be decomposed.

Next, let’s try the main portrait. This time, vivo S7 has upgraded the 64 million pixel main camera. In combination with the portrait mode algorithm, we are not disappointed. The main portrait mode is also warm color and warm, which also leaves a lot of space for the later period. Because of its large aperture, it has a higher tolerance advantage in the face of backlight and weak scenes than the previous generation of models or even its peers.

Similar to the scene of selfie, the interior is mainly weak light and backlight, vivo S7 does not have too much pressure to control. Here is a little advice, that is, if the backlight shooting can turn off HDR mode, make the backlight part of the high light bit.

Depending on the algorithm and the performance of the sensor, vivo S7 can also complete this kind of big backlight photo shooting. Even if the dark part of some photos is slightly dark, it is easy to debug the effect with software in the later stage.

As with the addition of a variety of self shooting methods, vivo S7 has also added multiple functions in the video aspect, such as front and rear dual view shooting, one click vlog, and subtitle group at 89 ander street. Limited by space, here’s a clip of double view shooting for you to have a detailed experience and follow-up.

There’s a lot of time for vivo S7 to have a better experience. However, as the core competitiveness of the self portrait and portrait photography effect, vivo S7 naturally submitted a satisfactory answer. The combination of higher standard camera and mature algorithm makes vivo S7 have the experience of subsequent shooting in portrait shooting. For young users who like to share, vivo S7 can always output good-looking personal photos, which is worth the price.