Vivo S7's first sales, "Taipai", the top three e-commerce sales champions Liu Haoran/LISA/Cai Xukun’s choice is indeed correct

At the turn of summer and autumn, the national mobile phone brand vivo “patted” the boys and girls at home and abroad. Vivo has invited ultra-popular idols Liu Haoran, LISA, and Cai Xukun as spokespersons for the vivo S7.

On August 8, the flagship vivo S7, the flagship slim and light selfie camera, officially launched its first sale. As of 20:00 on the first sale day, the new phone has won the double champion of 5G mobile phone sales and sales in the 2500-3500 price range of the three major e-commerce platforms of, Tmall and Suning, and has won a large number of netizens on various platforms.

Nowadays, there are countless mobile phones with self-portrait functions on the market, but most of the products are still immersed in polishing functions such as “dermabrasion, face-lifting, and cosmetic contact lenses”. This kind of beauty that can change the soup without changing the medicine is extremely lacking in core. In addition, the vivo S7 has a number of super popular idols endorsements. Therefore, the vivo S7, which is positioned as the flagship of the slim and self-portrait, has caused a small number of keyboard men to attack. They claimed that vivo opened the S7 conference as a fan meeting and used the star as a gimmick to cover up The hard power that the product itself lacks.

In fact, this “worry” is really unnecessary.

The “fight-tested” vivo knows that if it wants to continue to gain a good reputation from users, in the final analysis, it still depends on the strength of the product. Carrying up the flagship vivo S7 for selfies, it will naturally use its strength to convince young consumers who choose them.

Vivo S7 is equipped with the industry’s top 44-megapixel ultra-high-definition main camera for the first time, and a new 105° ultra-wide-angle sub-camera, supports f/2.0 ultra-large aperture and PDAF autofocus, forming an ultra-professional selfie dual-camera lens.

Equipped with a front main camera of 44 million pixels that supports the human eye tracking focus, even if the focus is taken while walking, the eyes can still be focused, as if a “micro-pan” is added to the front lens; the minimum distance of PDAF autofocus is only 15cm , Ultra-close selfies can also clearly restore the fine makeup of eyelashes and eyeliner.

The viewing range of the ultra-wide-angle lens on the front of the vivo S7 is twice that of an ordinary 78° lens, and a selfie can accommodate more people. It also corrects and optimizes the lens distortion problem, and comprehensively improves the Selfie/co-photographing experience.

The body of the vivo S7 with AG technology is also available in three colors: Monet diffuse color, jazz black and moonlight white. Monet’s diffuse color was produced by the design team for nearly half a year, combined with craftsmanship to present the visual effect of “one perspective, one color”. The color matching is one of the best in the series and has become the main C-position model of the series.

In addition to the professional three-camera lens module, the vivo S7 also inherits the classic lens design of the vivo flagship X50 series “two-color cloud level”. The overall design can be said to be both innovative and inherited. This is a young selfie flagship. The way it should be.

To describe the vivo S7 as a 5G mobile phone as “light and wise” is not disproportionate. Compared with the bulk and weight of other mobile phones from other vendors, the vivo S7 is born with a 7.39mm ultra-thin body and weighs about 170g. Young people will feel relaxed even if they use it with one hand for a long time.

A few days ago, the Super S selfie summer camp hosted by tutor Cai Xukun has started. Instructor Cai Xukun teaches online and calls on netizens to use the new machine to hand in the “homework” for selfies and teach you how to take selfies. In order to help netizens better unlock Super S selfies, instructor Cai Xukun successively shared two waves of his own handsome selfies, which attracted unanimous praise from fans and netizens. Cai Xukun’s self-portraits show the long-range selfies, close-up close-ups, and a variety of selfie poses, fully demonstrating the excellent selfie capabilities of the vivo S7’s 44-megapixel AF dual camera. In addition, more fortunate ones have the opportunity to get a new S7 machine and an autographed photo of Kun Kun.

to sum up:

The cooperation with Liu Haoran, LISA, and Cai Xukun reflects the sincerity of the vivo S series’ eagerness to communicate with young people and make progress together. Vivo S7 is selling well in the first round, targeting domestic and overseas markets. It also confirms that the machine is unlocking the possibility of more super S, and it will become the new flagship leading the trend of selfies in the 5G era in the second half of the year.