Vivo S9 officially announced, come to punch in on March 3, the new 5G thin and light selfie flagship

Cai Xukun, who has always been the spokesperson of the vivo S series, received a creative red envelope from vivo on the seventh day of the first month. Many netizens also saw the suspected vivo S9 in this video.

Although the phone has not been released yet, Cai Xukun took out his mobile phone from the red envelope and said bluntly-“The new model of endorsement seems to be getting thinner”, which indirectly confirms the existence of the vivo S9 and seems to imply that the phone will be soon Officially released.

Sure enough, on February 22, vivo officially released the spokesperson video for the vivo S9 conference, and officially announced the launch time of the new phone-March 3.

This time, vivo S still assembled “Cai Xukun, Lisa, Liu Haoran” these three powerful idols who are influential in the young group born after 00, and jointly serve as spokesmen for the vivo S9 series.

In the video, Cai Xukun, Lisa, and Liu Haoran hold the vivo S9, draw the curve of S with their hands, and then click the dot on the camera interface. After the click, the 9-shaped line surrounds the spokesperson. This is almost certain, vivo S9, 3. On the 3rd, it’s stable!

From the video, the vivo S9 in the hands of the three spokespersons can be described as “thin a bolt of lightning.” When Cai Xukun, Lisa, and Liu Haoran hold the vivo S9 in their hands, they give people a visual impact of “light as a feather” force.

Obviously the vivo S9 is not only thin, but also very light. This is not a speculation without any reason. In short, with the continuous upgrading and progress of vivo S in 5G mobile phone research and development technology, the weight of the S9 body will inevitably develop towards “positive optimization”.

Since the thinnest 5G mobile phone currently available in the vivo S series, the vivo S7, the body weight has been successfully controlled at 170g, with a thickness of only 7.39mm, this time the “breaking 7” of the vivo S9 should not be a problem. The vivo S9 after successfully “slimming” It is bound to bring a better experience for young users in terms of grip.

It is worth mentioning that in this spokesperson video, the familiar slogn of “illuminate my beauty” appeared in the screen, combined with the three videos “always focus on “clear” and easily freeze the light in the eyes”, According to the Weibo copywriting of “Lightly loaded, different”, “Highly lighted in place, good film, not afraid of late”, the vivo S9 is not only light and thin this time, it should also be ushered in video selfies. An upgrade and breakthrough.


With the gradual warming of temperatures throughout the country, the spring when the grass grows and the warbler flies has arrived, and everything is full of vitality. The vivo S9 released on March 3 is also meticulously built for the vast number of youthful and energetic young friends. With a glimmer of anticipation, wait for the official arrival of the vivo S9 conference on March 3!