Vivo Shen Wei releases a New Year speech: Adhere to long-termism and altruism for a win-win situation

On the evening of February 3rd, vivo released a new year speech in 2021 of “Don’t Forget Your Original Aspiration, Keep Your Head Too”. Founder, President and CEO Shen Wei emphasized that vivo must always adhere to long-termism and altruism, and fully implement user-oriented and design-driven values to create exciting products and services for global consumers and improve user satisfaction .

Shen Wei, founder, president and CEO of vivo

In his speech, Shen Wei summarized the past 2020. At the beginning of the epidemic, Vivo transformed its nationwide sales stores into digital frontline supply stations for epidemic prevention, allowing countless users to safely obtain products without leaving home, meeting the needs of online education in special periods, and helping the elderly to cross the digital divide.

In terms of products, vivo has taken the first step of design-driven, taking the X series, S series, and iQOO series product appearance performance further, and also launched a new OriginOS system. Among them, the X50 series and X60 series have two consecutive generations of micro-head technology, relying on professional image performance to fully stabilize the high-end market.

In 2020, vivo’s globalization process will accelerate in an all-round way, and it has entered more than 40 countries and regions, ranking top 3 in India, Indonesia, Thailand and other national markets. In October last year, vivo officially announced its entry into six European countries: Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, and announced a long-term strategic partnership with UEFA, officially becoming the global official partner of the next two European Cups.

The latest report released by the international data company IDC shows that in 2020, vivo smartphone shipments exceeded 111 million units, accounting for 8.6% of the market share, returning to the top five in the world, and the domestic market ranked second for 9 consecutive quarters.

Public information shows that vivo is currently more than 70% of the world’s R&D personnel, and has accumulated 5,000 proposals to the 3GPP standardization organization, and more than 2,000 5G invention patents. It is the first to achieve full coverage of the price range of 5G mobile phones from 1,500 yuan (USD $214) to 6,000 yuan (USD $857) , with years of technology accumulation. Promote the development of the 5G industry.

Shen Wei believes that the challenging 2020 has passed. The global smartphone market, especially the Chinese market, began to recover in the third quarter of last year and is expected to usher in a sustained upward trend in 2021. He said that in the new year, vivo will unswervingly adhere to long-termism, adhere to altruism and win-win, adhere to design-driven and user-oriented, recruit talents on a global scale, build an elite talent model, and gradually diversify , Development in the direction of globalization.

The following is the full text of vivo’s 2021 New Year’s speech in “Don’t forget the original intention, bury your head in the cause”:

Vivo colleagues and partners around the world, happy new year everyone!

The cold winter is about to pass, and the new year is here. On behalf of vivo, I would like to extend my sincere greetings to colleagues who have worked hard for another year and the family members who silently supported our struggle behind the scenes. Thank you for your persistence and dedication in the past year. I wish you all good health in the new year, a happy family, all the best, and your wishes come true!

2020 is an extraordinary year. The sudden new crown epidemic disrupted our work and life. At the beginning of the outbreak, many people experienced hesitation and felt the fragility of their lives. In the fight against the epidemic, those little by little warm stories, big and small, let us feel the brilliance of humanity and the power of love.

Looking back at this year, it has brought us many challenges, but also gave us time and space to think, settle and grow.

We did it. At the beginning of the epidemic, we transformed our nationwide sales outlets into frontline supply stations for digital epidemic prevention, so that countless users can safely get products without leaving home, meet the needs of online education in special periods, and help the elderly cross the digital divide. .

We have realized that with years of accumulated technology to promote the development of the 5G industry, we have accumulated 5,000 proposals to the 3GPP standardization organization, and more than 2,000 5G invention patents. We are the first to achieve full coverage of the 1.5-6k price range of 5G mobile phones, which meets the needs of different users to the greatest extent .

We have clarified that the brand and product positioning in the new era in the future will be based on the brand concept of “Simplicity to Delight”, and the value propositions of “Humanistic Joy”, “Exploration Joy” and “Achievement Joy” to draw different Brands and product lines.

We are determined to make long-term investment in scientific and technological innovation, invest strategic resources in the design, imaging, system, performance and other directions that users care about and pay attention to, introduce global talents, and unite the greatest partners. Taking imaging as an example, we have deployed nearly 1,000 R&D personnel worldwide, launched two consecutive generations of micro-panels, built professional imaging flagships, and started cooperation with the century-old brand Zeiss.

We have taken the first step of design-driven, not only in the appearance of X, S, iQOO series products, but also launched a brand-new OriginOS system, based on the concept of “originally design, design-based” as the concept , Follow human instinct and intuition, give users with the largest base the ability to solve problems, and implement it in a perfect and elegant way.

We walked into the global market including Europe, practiced the “More Local, More Global” declaration, and brought products and services to more users in foreign countries. Especially in India, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia markets have achieved good market performance.

What makes me most gratified is that during the epidemic, with the support of the government and relevant departments, we applied for chartered flights to pick up colleagues, family members, agents, and partners who were still stranded overseas. The continuous growth of the company has allowed us to further become The strength of the solid backing of every vivo person. Culture is our most important cornerstone, and people are our greatest wealth, and also the prerequisite for us to achieve our long-term goals of health, longevity and happiness.

At last year’s annual meeting, we mentioned “Don’t forget the original aspiration and re-enter the path of entrepreneurship”. Faced with the pressure of the epidemic and the challenges of the complex market environment, every Vivo person has always been on the road to entrepreneurship with full enthusiasm and enterprising spirit. , Also let us reap the above results.

This year, I would like to mention “Don’t forget your original intention, and bury your head in the cause”!

What is the original heart? The original heart is our culture and values, and the original heart is the three dreams of our vivo people! Always maintain a calm mind, do the right thing and strive to do it right; with the mission of making the four stakeholders happy, and the vision of long-term health, establishing a world-class culture, providing world-class products and services, and ultimately gaining A great and respectable brand in the world!

We have talked about the original intention many times, and this year I want to focus on the causes of immersion!

We often say that cause determines the effect, and bury your head in the cause, and the effect will come naturally. So what is the manifestation of immersing in the causes? At the current stage, I want to emphasize three points.

First of all, bury your head in the cause and insist on long-termism in everything.

Only by adhering to long-termism, can we better maintain our normal mind, be free from short-term pressure and temptation, and be more likely to do the right thing and do it right. If a person is always busy doing short-term things, looking at short-term and short-term results, and ignoring long-term important things, problems will easily occur, and it will inevitably not go long-term.

Long-termism is not only a methodology, but also the inertia of everyone’s thinking, soberly face the uncertainty of the environment, think in the long-term, improve the ability to simplify complexity, and explore more from mission, vision and values. answer.

Each field should devote more time, energy and resources to thinking about and laying out long-term things, and make long-term planning in terms of brand, product, technology, design, marketing services, supply chain, etc., in order to better plant the cause , So as to make the fruit more certain.

In terms of long-term investment in technological innovation, it is necessary to operate planning in a long-term approach. On the established core track, we must dare to embrace uncertainty, strengthen joint innovation with partners, and truly realize the path from technology to product.

Second, bury your head in the cause and always stick to altruism and win-win.

We often say that duty is the attitude of not making other people’s advantage when cooperating with others, and daring to suffer. Dare to suffer is the first step towards altruism.

The development of our enterprise to today is inseparable from the support and coordination of every partner. For any partner, if we want a healthy and long-term cooperation, we must first empathize, think about what others think, and pay attention to each other’s core demands and strategic concerns. With altruism in mind, we will unswervingly build a united front of mutual trust and win-win, pursue public happiness and oppose individual happiness. If we first think of our own interests in everything, without taking into account the interests of others well and the strategic concerns of others, then we will certainly not be healthy for a long time.

No matter how large the company is, we need to always maintain a low-key and humble style and respect every partner from the heart. All colleagues working externally must play a good role as a bridge between partners and companies.

After 25 years of development, vivo has gradually grown into a big tree. A single tree can hardly become a forest. Only if we always have an altruistic and win-win heart, and practice consistent words and deeds, can we continue to accumulate invaluable trust and connect our large system, upstream and downstream partners, ecological developers, and many other root systems together, and take enough time Leap from a community of interests to a community of destiny and truly grow into an indestructible forest.

Finally, bury yourself in the causes and fully implement “design-driven and user-oriented”

In the past two years, the development of the global smartphone industry has entered a platform period, and we are constantly thinking about the true value and meaning of future products. Both “parametric theory” and “technology only” are too one-sided. Technology is always advancing and parameters are always changing. The only constant is the pursuit of beauty, the pursuit of achievement and pleasure, and the pursuit of self-meaning. People’s pursuit of certain constants is a long-term track that we need to pay more attention to.

As far as vivo is concerned, we should not stick to the competition parameters. In essence, technology is not for people to enjoy technology better, but to enjoy life better. We need to listen to users’ voices, understand their needs, and create exciting products and services for them with user-oriented and design-driven values, and improve user satisfaction.

Design-driven is not driven by designers. The bottom layer of design-driven is driven by values. The most important manifestation of design-driven is that we have to think about the meaning of the product, what we can create, what we can change, and what we give, and then put aside distractions, use the ultimate, simple, perfect and elegant way to achieve, and create for users and society. Value is just like the original intention of OriginOS that we launched last year.

Let “design driven” become a belief in the company’s values, as a standard for all employees’ actions and value judgments.

It is necessary to promote product innovation with the concept of “simplicity to pleasure”, and based on this guide the choice of technology investment and business choices.

To recruit talents on a global scale, find sensible people, build an elite talent model, and gradually develop in the direction of diversification and globalization, as the core engine of design practice.

It is necessary to build an atmosphere that respects design, respects design value, and encourages design innovation. Everyone must have a clear pre-research based on the concept in their daily work, design thinking, and constantly ask ourselves what we have changed.

In short, design-driven is the key to becoming a great brand. To promote and practice at the level of company values, design-driven should become the way of thinking of each of us. We must understand the rational and perceptual needs of users, and provide products and services that appeal to you; we must understand the emotions of users and see the joys, sorrows, sorrows, and joys of people. The end of technology is to make people reach happiness; Pulling the physical distance, the heart must be closer. It is our mission and the driving force of our heart to design products that make users’ hearts move, so that more people can connect to the world and enjoy the beauty of creation.

Dear colleagues, the challenging 2020 has passed. The global smartphone market, especially the Chinese market, began to recover in the third quarter of last year and is expected to usher in a sustained upward trend in 2021. In the new year, we will unswervingly adhere to long-termism, adhere to altruism and win-win, adhere to design-driven and user-oriented.

2021 is the 26th year of our company and also the tenth anniversary of the vivo brand. When the epidemic in India was the worst last year, thinking of my colleagues who were still fighting on the front line, I couldn’t sleep at night, so I wrote a few words to cheer them up:

The path is long and long, and walking is coming. Life is not only a journey, but also a practice. Fearless… the sky and the earth are dark and frightened by lightning, and the sky is sunny after the dark clouds.

Today, I would also like to give you a sentence: “The road will come if you travel far, and it will be done if it is difficult.” Nothing is destined. The efforts of a group of vivo people will make one after another impossible possible. Don’t forget the original intention and bury your head in the cause, and the future can be expected!

Chinese New Year is coming, let us keep in mind the three dreams of vivo people, always have a common heart and enterprising spirit, and pursue the long-term happiness of human beings who come to the same destination by different paths! I sincerely wish our business sustainable operation, long-term business, and happy forever!

Finally, I wish you all a happy Chinese New Year again, and wish you all the New Year in advance, and sincerely wish everyone health and safety! When the epidemic subsides, we will have a drink and a toast to celebrate our struggling life!

Enjoy the future, enjoy vivo, thank you all!