Vivo, the official partner of European Cup 2020, opens an extraordinary European Cup spectator party

At 0:00 on June 20, 2021, the high-profile team showdown between Portugal and Germany in this European Cup begins. As the official partner of Euro 2020, vivo held a special spectating party in Beijing. On the spot, hundreds of media were invited to join the well-known football commentator Xu Yang and sports host Chao Yiwen to gather together in the 751D·Park Central Hall. Witness the wonderful collision of the “death group”.

This “Extraordinary European Cup Spectator Party” set up a variety of links, in-depth integration of the brand value and the hard-core strength of the X60 series of mobile phones, so that fans can feel the “humanistic joy” and the beauty of sports delivered by the brand. It does not demonstrate vivo’s original intention to improve user experience.

On the eve of the game, the entrance game area creates a lively atmosphere. The interactive areas such as “Football Guess”, “Fancy Football Show”, and “Ball Ball Competition” around the viewing venue erupt with enthusiastic cheers from time to time, and there are more resident The band and football babies helped out on the spot, and the audience was full of energy. The vivo X60 series mobile phone experience area was also set up at the scene, using the built-in old photo repair function of the mobile phone to repair and color the old, low-resolution, unclear pictures with poor quality with one-click, so that the brilliant stadium memory can be reproduced. As a professional imaging flagship, the vivo X60 series mobile phones are equipped with the vivo Zeiss joint imaging system. With the increase of the professional imaging system, the on-site media can fully experience the super shooting capabilities of the X60 series mobile phones and record wonderful moments.

In addition to the splendid interactive sessions and game experience, vivo also invited the famous football commentator Xu Yang to comment on the game on-site and interact enthusiastically with the game. In the Q&A session, Xu Yang’s question caused a wave of waves. With fierce answers and surprises and mysterious gifts, the extraordinary European Cup spectator party ended in such a passionate interaction and exciting competition.

The 2020 European Cup, which was postponed due to the epidemic, was grandly opened, and its heat wave once again swept the world. This tournament was held in 11 cities in Europe. As the first naming partner for the opening and closing ceremonies in the history of the European Cup, vivo incorporated more technology into the performance process, and together with UEFA, created a fantasy and unforgettable opening performance for the global audience. Under the brand proposition of “Humanistic Delight”, vivo insists on being consumer-oriented and looks forward to establishing a deep emotional connection with users.

At the time when the European Cup is full of firepower, the vivo X60 series mobile phones are also simultaneously launched in the European market. Among them, the X60 Pro+ equipped with the vivo and Zeiss joint imaging system, with the dual-main camera system taking into account the outsole and the second-generation micro-head, with professional photography performance, conveys the wonderful moments of the European Cup to the world, and freezes the perfect picture. And present it to fans all over the world.

Since announcing its entry into the six European countries in 2020, vivo has continued to expand its market steadily, and entered Romania and the Czech Republic in February 2021. In the future, vivo will further expand its European market layout, and plans to cover more than 12 European markets this year. In the future, vivo will actively communicate with users through continuous deep cultivation of technology and technological innovation, and provide a rich and diverse product selection based on user needs, and strive to become a brand that understands users best.

With the help of the European Cup platform, vivo looks forward to delivering the most authentic humanistic sportsmanship to fans all over the world. Here, Vivo once again sends a sincere invitation to fans all over the world, and invites everyone to participate in the “Vivo Extraordinary Moments” cheering call, upload videos and pictures of cheering and shouting for their favorite team, and cheer for the European Cup.