Vivo x30 Pro evaluation: the 60x zoom of 5g mobile phone is impressive


[techweb] at the end of 2019, vivo released a new series of x30 mobile phones in Guilin. In the age of 5g, with two models of iqoo Pro 5g, nex3 5g and x30 series, vivo has launched as many as four 5g mobile phones for consumers to choose, covering multiple prices from 3000 yuan (USD $429) to 5000 yuan (USD $714) , which is the brand with the most 5g terminals in the mobile phone industry.

The new x30 series model is not only focusing on 5g, but also making great efforts to take photos, especially the long focus end. Telephoto is an extremely important option for media workers. Its priority is far higher than that of wide-angle end. Why do you say so? If you realize that during the noisy press conference, you need to take intensive photos of multiple ppts on the VCR, you may have some insights.

At present, there are few mobile phones using the periscope telephoto technology in the market, and the famous ones include Huawei mate 30 pro and oppo Reno 10 times zoom version. This time, vivo has made the telephoto as much as 60 times that of the predecessors, and has once again improved the telephoto shooting ability of the mobile phone by one order of magnitude.

After nearly a week’s use, let’s talk about some feelings about vivo x30 pro.

Appearance design

Vivo x30 series has launched three colors of obsidian, Fei Yun and esoteric silver. Among them, obsidian is our traditional black color. Fei Yun Ze is closer to the gradual texture of pink to orange. This one we got is the secret silver version, similar to Fei Yun, which also adopts the gradual color design.

The material of back curved glass is the design language of X series, which is consistent from vivo X21, x23 to x27. If it is an old user of vivo X series, it should be familiar with the touch of glass body. The round glass back cover and hand feel have a very comfortable fit, with the right width of the fuselage, in the hand, there is no abrupt feeling.

In the glass body to do gradient design, you can skillfully use different light conditions to achieve the wonderful change of color. From the perspective of actual appearance, secret silver more presents a green to white gradual change experience. Different light and shadow changes ingeniously integrate a dazzling and mysterious high-level sense into x30 pro, which I prefer.

In the front screen part, vivo x30 Pro does not adopt the lifting structure like nex3. In order to ensure the thickness of the whole machine, it uses the currently mature scheme of hole digging screen. This screen, officially known as the “ultra small hole XDR screen”, is jointly customized by vivo and Samsung. It uses a 6.44 inch 20:9 super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2400×1080 and a maximum brightness of 800 nit. It supports DC like dimming. The latest E3 light-emitting material is also used in this screen. The display effect is very transparent. Its biggest feature is that the hole diameter is very small, as small as 2.98mm, which is the most in the industry at present.

Maybe you have seen Huawei Nova series hole digging screens and Samsung note 10 series hole digging screens. If you have a certain inherent understanding of the hole digging screens before, you will feel that the hole digging screens will suddenly display a huge black hole on the screen, which will affect the perception. But this time, vivo x30 Pro effectively improved the user’s inherent impression of the split feeling of the screen by reducing the hole diameter of the screen. Specifically in the use process, the hole digging of vivo x30 Pro can be perfectly integrated with various notification icons, which looks more harmonious and natural. Many times, I even forget the existence of such a hole.

The screen fingerprint recognition technology has always been the appearance of vivo. Vivo x30 Pro still maintains a good experience in the speed and accuracy of screen fingerprint recognition.

Although the thickness of vivo x30 Pro is still 8.8mm, which is not very amazing, it is much better than the nex3 5g version, which may be closely related to the addition of periscope lens. In terms of weight, the 198.5g body is much better than most 5g phones released last year. Combined with its many configurations, such a frivolity is acceptable.

hardware configuration

In terms of performance, vivo x30 Pro is equipped with the industry’s first 5g SOC Samsung exynos 980 with a77 architecture. Like the Xiaolong 765G, the Samsung exynos 980 also supports the NSA and SA dual-mode 5g networks. Compared with the external 5g modem solution, it further saves the chip area, leaves more space for the interior of the fuselage, and also saves more power.

Specifically, the structure of Samsung exynos 980 is composed of two a77 large cores + six A55 small cores, adopting 8-nanometer FinFET process, with the highest dominant frequency of 2.2GHz. According to the official data, the performance of Samsung exynos 980 is 20% higher than cortex-a76, the GPU performance is 30% higher, and the AI performance is 2.7 times higher.

From the actual running points, the performance of Samsung exynos 980 is better than that of Xiaolong 765G used by many 5g models in the same period. The running score of the Angora rabbit of Samsung exynos 980 is basically maintained at about 330000, while the running scores of several high pass snapdragon 765G fuselages we have tested are generally between 280000 and 290000.


The vivo x30 Pro we got has built-in 8GB of storage and 256gb of body storage space, including lpddr4x memory and usf2.1 memory chip. Considering the price, there is nothing to be picky about in this price range.

On the mainstream game experience, Samsung Exynos 980 also has absolutely no point to Tucao, the chicken game is stable in 61 frames, and the fever is not serious enough to cope with mainstream games. It can be said that although this is a slightly smaller SOC, the comprehensive strength is not much different from the mainstream Xiaolong 5gsoc.

In 5g, the Samsung exynos 980 can achieve a maximum downlink speed of 2.55gbps in the sub-6ghz band, and 3.55gbps in 4G and 5g dual link environments. It can be said that no matter in SA or NSA network conditions, or 4G and 5g alternative scenarios, it can bring a good use experience.

As for the endurance, vivo x30 Pro has a built-in 4350mah battery and supports flash charge 2.0 with the fastest 33W. Under the condition of 5g mode on, it’s OK to run for one day, and the charging speed of 0 to 100 is only 63 minutes, so there’s no need to worry about the power.

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