vivo X30 series alexanderwang joint limited edition open appointment

Recently, the vivo X30 Pro co-branded by vivo and well-known Chinese designer Alexander Wang has attracted much attention. Its full mirror design and integrated body have made this phone popular with fashion people once it was exposed. Today, vivo's official Weibo post a video again, inviting Alexander Wang to interpret the design concept.

Alexander Wang expressed his clear attitude towards design in the video: "I treat everything I do as an opportunity to solve problems." When social networks change the way of life today, people are always sharing , Eager to gain attention and get instant satisfaction. This makes fashion inseparable from the "social care" that catches the eye.

Based on this insight, Alexander Wang chose an extremely bold and pioneering all-mirror design. The back cover of the fuselage uses an advanced chrome plating process. The whole body does not add any extra design and color, so that the aluminum alloy body and the precisely molded glass surface are integrated The components are extremely refined, and every detail has gone through numerous processes of streamlining and refining. It is extremely simple, and finally the vivo X30 series alexanderwang joint limited edition is built into a new mobile phone with a unique "dazzling visual language".

The vivo X30 series alexanderwang joint limited edition redefines the relationship between people and mobile phones-mobile phones not only meet social functions, but also should be a fashion item, and become a part of users' self-expression in social networks. It can't help but want to pick up from the shoot and become a unique fashion individual in the crowd. "Now you can use the mirror to show yourself", this phone is the highest praise from vivo and Alexander Wang to those who keep their true self and bravely express.

Why did Alexander Wang choose the vivo X30 series as an opportunity to cooperate with Chinese mobile phone brands for the first time? Vivo X30 Pro is positioned as the flagship of 5G professional imaging, which can achieve 60 times super zoom. It has a 50mm professional custom portrait lens, covering the full focal length from 16mm to 135mm, and is committed to let users discover more beauty with a new imaging experience. This coincides with Alexander Wang's idea of making people better through design work.

Not only the appearance, according to vivo's official website display, Alexander Wang designed the UI interface exclusively for vivo, echoing the body mirror design. The overall simple style is adopted, with the most distinctive black as the main and silver as the supplement, pure and exquisite and luxurious. The hollow design of some APPs and the fusion of the metal texture of the fuselage sublime the sense of fashion and technology of the X series again.

The accessories in the mobile phone box are all customized for the joint limited edition. Once the vivo's traditional all-white design is changed, with the overall design style of the custom machine, the all-black accessories and interior can make people inadvertently show high-profile fashion.

At present, the vivo X30 series alexanderwang joint limited edition has already opened an appointment. It is conceivable that this unique mobile phone will definitely trigger a new round of snap buying when it is officially launched.