Vivo Y53s review: a 2,000 yuan (USD $286) 5G mobile phone with high-value and long battery life

There is huge market demand for 5G mobile phones with a price of less than two thousand yuan. The recently launched vivo Y53s is a 5G mobile phone priced under two thousand yuan, which enriches the product line of the two thousand yuan price range, giving users more choices. What are the highlights of vivo Y53s worth choosing? Let’s get to know it through evaluation together.

Exterior design

Even for products priced less than two thousand yuan, the design of vivo Y53s will not let you down. From the camera module on the back of the phone and color matching, it can be seen that the vivo Y53s has spent a lot of attention on the appearance.

The Vivo Y53s rear camera module adopts a rounded rectangular design. The circular dual-camera arranged vertically adds a bright metal effect ring, which adds to the overall sense of high-level. This phone is available in three colors: iridescent, starry night and sea salt, each with a different style.

The iridescent color matching adopts an innovative silver-surface phantom color coating process, combined with a frosted coating process, can present a rainbow-like colorful gradient effect, and the colors are very rich. The color matching of sea salt adopts multi-dimensional lithography flash point coating process. In the light gradual effect, millions of flash points are embedded in the diaphragm, which brings a flickering effect. Both iridescent and sea salt colors have a very high appearance, which is very suitable for friends who are pursuing fashion trends.

Iridescent color

Sea salt color

Starry Night is the lowest-key of the three color combinations, and the evaluation machine is this color. Xingye adopts silver surface ion plating process to achieve a deep black. The upper part of the back of the phone has a bright silver effect, gradually turning black down, but this black is not very pure black, it is a shiny black, and it looks very textured.

The body of the vivo Y53s has a thickness of 8.5mm and a weight of 189g. Considering that it has a built-in 5000mAh battery, it is also very good to be able to control it in this range. The actual grip and use will not feel that it will fall.

The back of the fuselage is treated with a 3D curved surface to fit the palm of the hand. The transition between the back of the fuselage and the middle frame is natural, only the transition at the four corners is not so natural. It is worth mentioning that the color of the middle frame of the mobile phone is gradually echoed according to the back effect, and the sense of unity is better.

Vivo Y53s is equipped with a 6.58-inch LCD water drop screen that supports 90Hz refresh rate, 180Hz touch sampling rate, 1080P resolution, and 98% DCI-P3 color gamut. The color of the screen looks natural and comfortable, and you can get a good experience in daily use, watching videos, etc., eye protection mode, dark mode, etc. are all available.

Vivo Y53s is equipped with side fingerprint unlocking. Don’t worry about the traditional capacitive fingerprint unlocking speed, it can be easily opened in seconds, and it can also be used with facial recognition. The phone is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is more convenient to use.

Vivo Y53s uses an exclusive customized brand-new super speaker with a volume of up to 94dB, with Super Audio 2.0 self-developed sound effects. The mobile phone can already meet the needs of most scenes at 100% volume, and it also supports 200% super loud volume, which can be heard more clearly in some noisy environments. For friends who need to amplify the volume outside the mobile phone, this function is quite practical.

5000mAh large battery: long-lasting battery life

Vivo Y53s has a built-in 5000mAh large battery that supports 18W charging. We conducted actual tests on the charging endurance part.

The charging test starts after the battery is exhausted. It reaches 22% power in 20 minutes, 33% power in 30 minutes, and 51% power in 50 minutes.

In terms of battery life, the test starts with 100% power, the screen brightness is 50%, and the 90Hz refresh rate mode. The specific test results are as above. After 3 hours of continuous battery life test, the remaining power of the vivo Y53s is 71%. It is very good to have such performance in terms of battery life, and I believe that there is no pressure to deal with a working day.

64 million dual-camera combination: meeting daily recording needs

In terms of images, the vivo Y53s has a 64-megapixel main camera + 2 million-pixel macro dual-camera combination, which supports super night scenes, portrait modes, HDR functions, and more. The front is an 8-megapixel lens, which supports Selfie functions such as beauty effects and light effects, and can also fill light through the screen soft ring.

The overall color of vivo Y53s is more realistic, and the details and clarity of daytime scene photos can easily meet the needs of daily sharing on social media. In scenes with high light ratio, the image quality is also guaranteed, and it is easy to take a good picture in different scenes. However, in some scenes, the white balance of the photo will be colder.

Default mode

Night scene mode

For night shots, the vivo Y53s can suppress the highlights very well in the default mode, and the dark parts also have rich details, the picture is clean, and the overall look and feel is satisfactory. Users can also use the super night scene mode to further improve the purity and look and feel of the picture, and clear pictures can also be taken at night scenes.

Night scene mode

If you want to shoot video, the rear camera of vivo Y53s supports EIS anti-shake, dual-view video, etc. It is very convenient to shoot some simple videos.

Macro mode

Although the vivo Y53s only has a three-camera combination, the actual performance of the main camera is satisfactory in the corresponding price range, which can meet the needs of daily recording. The camera also provides rich image functions and more gameplay.

Game performance

Vivo Y53s is equipped with Snapdragon octa-core processor, adopts 8nm process, integrates 5G baseband, and supports SA&NSA dual-mode 5G network. The mobile phone uses a five-layer liquid cooling system to improve heat dissipation efficiency. The software part has Multi-Turbo 5.0 system-level optimization blessing. It is worth mentioning that this phone supports memory fusion technology, which can achieve 8GB+4GB memory expansion and improve the smoothness of multi-open scenes.

In terms of running scores, the vivo Y53s AnTuTu V9 version has a running score of 340,000+, which can easily meet the needs of daily use. We also selected two popular games, “Honor of the King” and “Peace Elite” for actual testing.

Under the picture quality setting with full special effects, the average frame number of “Honor of Kings” is 58.8 frames, and the overall smoothness of the game is relatively good. However, in complex and high-load scenes such as multiplayer team battles, the number of frames will fluctuate to a certain extent. . The overall gaming experience of the vivo Y53s is still good, and the response to operations such as moving the viewing angle and zooming in the game are relatively quick.

“Peace Elite” can turn on ultra-high frame rate under balanced image quality, and the rest are full special effects. The average number of frames of the game recorded by the software is 39.8 frames, most of the scenes are not too fluctuating, and the operations such as driving and fighting are very smooth. This game also supports 4D vibration sensing function, which will provide vibration feedback in scenes such as shooting after it is turned on to increase the immersive experience of the game.

Through the built-in game assistant of vivo Y53s, you can quickly switch performance modes, reply to messages through WeChat, QQ picture-in-picture, and realize functions such as game screen casting.

OriginOS system

Vivo Y53s is equipped with OriginOS, this newly designed system is believed to be familiar to most users. OriginOS uses a brand-new interface design, joins the Huarong grid desktop architecture, and has more natural and smooth animations, convenient interactions, etc., with a 90Hz high-swipe screen, the daily use experience is excellent.

OriginOS supports intimate functions such as atomic notification, atomic walkman, super card pack, and child guard, which all add a lot to the system experience.

to sum up

Vivo Y53s is a 5G mobile phone with clear positioning. The high-value body and the long battery life brought by 5000mAh battery have already impressed many people’s hearts with this mobile phone. In addition, the mobile phone’s daily enough performance, 64 million pixel imaging system, 90Hz high refresh screen, etc., make it more balanced and comprehensive, bringing a good comprehensive experience, with a starting price of 1,799 yuan (USD $257) , further enhancing competitiveness.