vivo Y73s on sale: thin and light body + high-definition main camera, priced from 1998 yuan (USD $285)

Shenzhen, October 16, 2020 – As a strong competitor with a price of one thousand yuan, the vivo Y series has always been recognized by the industry for its excellent appearance and solid materials. This time, the new machine vivo Y73s started its first sale on October 16, and the price of 8+128 is 1998 yuan (USD $285) .

Vivo Y73s provides three new color schemes, namely black mirror, silver moon, and floating light. With special processing technology, the whole body design presents a texture higher than the price. Vivo continues its advantages in taking pictures. The new machine is equipped with high-resolution front and rear camera modules. The exclusive video beauty function supports WeChat, video conferencing software, etc., and the available scenes are greatly improved.

Lightweight design brings excellent grip

The front of the vivo Y73s is equipped with a Samsung AMOLED full HD eye protection screen, which has an outstanding look and feel. The slender screen ratio of 20:9 brings an experience that is more suitable for one-handed holding, while maintaining a higher screen display area.

The back of the fuselage adopts the same long rectangular image module design as the flagship model, and the three lenses are arranged longitudinally, creating a harmonious and unified look. In addition, the body thickness of the vivo Y73s is only 7.73mm and the weight is 171.3g. It has an excellent grip and is at a relatively high level in the thousand yuan price range of 5G mobile phones.

Vivo Y73s has a variety of colors showing different mirror aesthetics: the trendy “Silver Moon” blends the cold and warm colors, and the undulating colors are like moonlight sprinkled on the lake, one after another with the lake; the “black mirror” will be a classic The color matching is re-interpreted, revealing a smooth texture at your fingertips in the depth; another gradual color matching “floating light” adopts a matte process, which is extra gentle under the influence of light, and the overall reality is a bit more comfortable.

Taking pictures beyond the price point

This time, vivo Y73s is equipped with an excellent imaging system. In terms of hardware, the front-mounted 16-megapixel high-definition lens and the rear-mounted 48-megapixel three-camera module give this phone a solid image strength.

In terms of selfies, vivo has made a series of optimizations at the system level, such as the highly acclaimed front-screen soft light ring, which provides reliable technical support for low-light selfie scenes; in addition, the five-fold super-quality selfie function is created for selfie enthusiasts Exclusive beauty optimization, outstanding shooting effects and algorithm optimization, just click the shutter to get a natural and vivid photo.

At the same time, there is also a video beauty function that supports third-party camera software, which can also be turned on during WeChat video chat, further broadening the application scenarios of the beauty algorithm.

It is worth mentioning that the vivo Y73s is equipped with a rare ultra-high-pixel three-camera solution at a price of 1,000 yuan (USD $143) . It consists of a 48 million main camera and an ultra-wide-angle sub-camera, as well as a blurry lens that increases the fun. The upper limit of camera capability for price-range models Combined with vivo’s advantages in taking pictures, the actual imaging impression is also quite gratifying.

This main camera also supports 4K ULTRA HD ultra-definition video recording, and also has EIS video anti-shake function, which effectively helps users to quickly and accurately frame the view under hand-held conditions. With the multi-frame noise reduction algorithm similar to the flagship model of the image, a bright and clean night scene photo can be obtained even in the dark environment.

The camera strength of the vivo Y73s is visible to the naked eye, and the high-pixel lens module with excellent algorithm tuning improves the usability of models in the thousand-yuan price range. In fact, the impact brought by the thin feel and beautiful appearance is far more direct than the text description.

This new machine will be launched on major portal websites and offline stores on October 16. Welcome to experience it.