Vivo's new black technology with separate camera won the Red Dot Design Award

Vivo announced its latest concept model IFEA this morning, and still uses the design of a lift camera to achieve a full-screen effect on the front. However, unlike the previous vivo full-screen mobile phone, the front camera of IFEA adopts a separate design, which can be remotely used without the phone body.

The proactive component is connected to the fuselage through two contacts. According to the introduction of the video, it supports separate shooting after the proactive separation, real-time control, picture delay and transmission clarity have reached a usable level.

In daily use, the user can place the front camera module in any position to achieve flexible Selfie, or it can be fixed on a moving object through a customized magnetic pendant to achieve a gameplay similar to a sports camera. Multiple front camera modules are placed in different positions, and the effects of multi-camera shooting are also available, and the usage methods are flexible and diverse.

In the video, the official also showed that the front camera module may be lost. If the front camera module is away from the mobile phone for a certain distance, the mobile phone will display an anti-lost alarm notification, which can effectively prevent the camera component from being forgotten.

The design of vivo IFEA's separate lens design also won this year's Red Dot Design Award, and the official said that mass production may be carried out in the future.