Volvo L4 automatic driving will mass-produce high-speed without manual takeover

When it comes to autonomous driving technology, many people may think of Tesla first. However, in the field of autonomous driving, Volvo, a traditional car company, also has good strength.

Before the emergence of the concept of autonomous driving, Volvo has equipped its vehicles with AEB (Automatic Emergency Active Braking), and uses pedestrian radar to identify pedestrians to avoid collisions. These technologies are important functional modules for the realization of autonomous driving needs .

Recently, according to foreign media reports, Volvo will equip its new models with autonomous driving lidar from 2022. The technology was developed in cooperation with Luminar Technology, which means that Volvo provides the first fully automatic technology specifically for highways, which will also reach L4 level autonomous driving.

As a comparison, Tesla’s current AutoPilot assisted automatic driving technology is generally considered by the industry to only reach the level of 2.5 automatic driving classification. The driver needs to pay attention to the road conditions at all times and take over the vehicle at any time.

Volvo’s automatic driving function is called “Highway Pilot”, which is different from the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). It can complete the automatic driving work on the highway without human intervention, in the true sense of “liberation of hands”. There is no need for the driver to pay attention to the road conditions at all times, and even take a nap in the car while working in automatic driving.

It is reported that Highway Pilot automatic driving technology will be applied to the models built on the SPA2 platform, including the new generation of XC90, Polestar 3 and XC40 pure electric version models. And, as the flagship SUV model, a new generation of XC90 will be the first to be equipped.