Volvo test drive license expires, test drive media people have 12 points deducted

Getting a license plate is a step you must go through when buying a car. Before we get a formal license plate, we can only use a temporary license plate to drive on the road. However, there is a time limit for licensing. If it expires, your car is unlicensed. Recently, a certain media person in the car circle encountered this kind of bad luck.

This friend got the test drive car of Volvo XC40 Recharge, yes, it is the pure electric car that Volvo just released at the Guangzhou Auto Show, priced at 376,000. As a result, the license of this XC40 Recharge expired unexpectedly, and he also happened to ran into the traffic police inspecting the car.

So the friend’s driver’s license was deducted 12 points, and even the motorcycle driver’s license during the internship period also needed to be retaken. This is very painful, which means that he cannot drive until the driver’s license is back.

In fact, similar things have happened in the rim before, and things are even worse. The last time it was a zero-run car, the license for the test drive turned out to be fake, which also caused the driver to be deducted 12 points.

However, Leap Auto responded afterwards, claiming that it would provide a special car travel service before the friend got his driver’s license back. I don’t know how Volvo will deal with this matter this time?