Wait for the foldable iPhone? Apple can self-healing screen patent exposure

Although foldable smartphones are in the limelight, it is still hard to say that they have become the general trend. The entire market and industry are waiting for Apple's iPhone to make changes. What is Apple waiting for? It may just be waiting for foldable technology to become more perfect.

The exposure of a new patent may show Apple's expectations for a foldable iPhone, a "self-healing" screen.

This self-healing function is mainly for the creases that appear on the screen after the hinge is folded too many times.

A new patent filed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office describes how the foldable iPhone "repairs itself" from daily wear and tear. Apple may be working hard to improve its durability to prevent damage to the display due to the extension of the folding cycle.

In addition, the self-healing process of the foldable iPhone display can be enhanced by external factors (such as the application of heat, light, electric current or other stimuli). It is said that the display has three parts, including two conventional panels, a fixed screen and a rotating structure.