Walk into Monet's art garden and experience the technological vision of the vivo S7 Monet

“I want to express my impression before the easiest effect to fade.” As one of the representatives and founders of Impressionism, Monet is an artist who uses light, shadow and color to the extreme. Monet’s harshness and pursuit of natural light and shadow allowed him to create his own world of light and shadow art, and his artistic achievements have extended to many fields, showing an infinitely broad imagination and exploration space for future generations. In the field of science and technology, the vivo S series is the forerunner to explore Monet’s art. The new vivo S7 Monet’s diffuse color is inspired by the light and shadow effects in Monet’s paintings.

In a set of creations of vivo S7 Monet’s diffuse color, the photographer perfectly restored Monet’s painting style at sunrise, and the artistic charm of vivo S7 Monet’s diffuse color was displayed under the changing light and shadow. The photographer seemed to feel Monet’s dedication to light and shadow. Inspired by the moment of sunrise in Monet’s paintings, he peeped into the hazy world from the time of dawn, and placed the vivo S7 in a slightly abstract background with the theme of dawn. Among them, welcoming the dawn will bring the world’s beautiful colors.

Monet said that he only did two things in his life: painting and planting flowers. In these two things, he reached the peak. Just like Monet’s pursuit, the vivo S series also wants to dedicate its peak dream vision to young people. In order to show the unique vitality of the dawn of Monet, the designer lasted more than 5 months, after thousands of times of color, material, process plan considerations, color gradient direction, texture screening and other large-scale debugging, and finally adopted the universal mixing The color process, through the diffuse reflection formed by light interference and diffraction between the double crystal film layers (double film layers), makes an extremely smooth and natural transition between the warm tone of the orange light at sunrise and the cold tone of the sea surface, and restores Monet’s writing The beauty of swaying light and shadow.

The Monet diffuse color of vivo S7 has more meticulous attention to details and textures. The back cover of the vivo S7 mobile phone has a unique light texture design. The light path texture of the entire back is double-layered through nano-machined texture technology, so that the light of the battery cover is diffusely reflected three-dimensionally and delicately, showing a unique texture. At the same time, the AG frosting and AF vacuum coating technology to prevent fingerprints have made the back cover of the vivo S7 phone have a hazy texture and a more three-dimensional color change, realizing the unique vision of Monet’s diffuse color.

The vivo S7 Monet has the pinnacle vision, and the industry’s top thin and light design. Vivo S7 has optimized the overall internal structure of the fuselage, controlling the thickness of the whole machine to 7.39mm and keeping the weight of the fuselage at 170g, achieving the ultimate thin and light design, setting a new record for the slim design of vivo 5G mobile phones. In addition, the rear camera of the vivo S7 continues the “two-color cloud level” design scheme of the X series. The simple lines make the back of the vivo S7 look more orderly, with a new color scheme inspired by Monet’s work. It shows artistic style without losing the sense of fashion trend.

vivo S7 Monet’s diffuse color is another exploration of the visual performance of the product in the vivo S series, setting off a trend of combining scientific and technological vision with traditional art. Vivo S7 Monet Mancolor is on sale, and friends who like it may wish to pay attention.