Wang Yibo renews Redmi global brand ambassador Note9 release highlights summary

On November 26th is Thanksgiving, Xiaomi founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun sent a Weibo to express his gratitude to Mi Fan. Lei Jun said on Weibo, “First of all, we are grateful to all the rice noodles for their continued support. We will insist on making good products that are’touching and fair-priced’, and we will never disappoint everyone’s support.” Later, Lei Jun also announced a good news, that It was Wang Yibo who officially renewed his contract with Redmi’s global brand spokesperson.

Wang Yibo renews Redmi global brand spokesperson

In December 2019, Redmi officially announced Wang Yibo as the brand’s global spokesperson. At that time, the Redmi K30 series was about to be released. Wang Yibo brought the “5G Pioneer” Redmi K30 series, which was sought after by many consumers. Now, the announcement of Wang Yibo’s renewal coincides with the upcoming release of the Redmi Note9 series.

Redmi Note9发布会亮点汇总
Redmi Note9 conference highlights summary

The Redmi Note9 series will be released at 20:00 pm on November 26, and it is not a few hours since the official launch of the new phone conference. Redmi officially announced the highlights of the Note9 “Three Musketeers” conference tonight, including the first life of Mr. Lu’s talk show, the scene of Li Xueqin’s airborne conference, the simultaneous launch of the Note9 series of three swords, and the surprise appearance of Redmi’s lightweight new products. It is worth looking forward to. According to previous news, this “lightweight new product” should be Redmi’s first smartwatch.