Wang Yuan endorsement + evo certification, double eleven buying a thin and light book is enough

What kind of laptop can be regarded as an excellent product? For this question, many people may have different answers. For game books, business books, etc., the evaluation criteria are different. However, in terms of thin and light notebooks, Intel's recently launched evo certification is quite authoritative, and the ThinkBook 13s endorsed by Wang Yuan is one of the few that has passed the Intel evo certification.

What does evo certification mean? Simply put, it is a testing standard called Athena Project developed by Intel to meet the needs of business users. Those who pass will receive evo certification, indicating that this product can provide users with the best experience at any time . The ThinkBook 13s has obtained the 2020 evo certification. As a light-faced creative book, ThinkBook 13s's outstanding appearance and powerful performance have allowed it to pass all the tests smoothly.

ThinkBook 13s is very attractive in appearance. The unique contrast design and the metal shell made with multiple processes can feel the outstanding texture whether you look at it or touch it. Moreover, the weight of ThinkBook 13s is still only 1.26kg, and the thickness is only 14.9mm. It is lighter and thinner than most thin and light books. It can be easily carried with one hand, making mobile office easy and comfortable.

In terms of performance, ThinkBook 13s is equipped with Intel’s latest eleventh-generation Core processor. Not only does it have more powerful CPU performance, but the built-in core display has also been upgraded to a new generation of Iris Xe graphics card, bringing software acceleration, live streaming optimization, etc. Various improvements. And the eleventh-generation Core, whether in power mode or battery mode, can keep the performance of ThinkBook 13s consistent. This is also one of the requirements of evo certification for business books, which can provide the best experience at any time. In addition, ThinkBook 13s also supports a new generation of Wi-Fi-6 wireless network, Thunderbolt 4 and other new generation connection protocols to ensure that computers will not fall behind in the next few years.

The screen of ThinkBook 13s is also quite powerful. Lenovo has equipped it with an ultra-high-definition touch screen with a resolution of 2.5k. The resolution is more than twice that of a normal 1080P screen. With 100% sRGB color gamut support, ThinkBook 13s can provide a better look and feel, and can meet the needs of professionals. Moreover, the frame of this screen is only 4mm, which provides ThinkBook 13s with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 90%, providing you with an unprecedented sense of immersion when watching videos.

In addition, ThinkBook 13s is also equipped with a backlit keyboard, which can easily complete input in a dark environment, and supports fingerprint authentication and physical camera cover to better protect user privacy. Lenovo also added a fast charging function to ThinkBook 13s, and equipped with a mini charger built by new technology, which makes it more convenient to go out. At the same time, thanks to the excellent power consumption optimization of the 11th generation Core, the ThinkBook 13s has a battery life of 9 hours. The above can better meet the needs of going out.

As an all-round excellent light-face creation book, the ThinkBook 13s Core i5 version can be obtained for only 6,699 yuan (USD $957) , and 100 yuan (USD $14) can be rebated when you post the order, and you can enjoy the six-term interest-free Huabei/baitiao. Click me directly to the Double 11 Special