Want a strong 5G signal and a cool game? OPPO Reno3 Pro can satisfy you

In today's mobile phone circle, the more the hardware is more homogenized, the more the mobile phone form and structure are converging. How to make users feel that the new phone is different from other phones? This has suddenly become a new direction for manufacturers to make efforts.

Today, the official Weibo of the OPPO official mall has released an animated video. Through the form of animation, the unique highlights of Reno3 Pro are shown to the user-360-degree surround antenna and stereo liquid cooling system. This is what sets it apart from other phones. Interested friends can click to view.

Because of the addition of 5G modules, the antenna structure inside the mobile phone has changed dramatically. How to avoid cross-signal interference and avoid signal dead zones in mobile phones has become the direction of 5G mobile phone engineers.

Reno3 Pro innovatively uses a 360-degree surround antenna design, so that users do not have to worry about the signal of the mobile phone being affected by the holding posture when using the mobile phone. When users watch videos, play games, etc., whether it is held with one hand or horizontally with both hands, the signal of Reno3 Pro will never be blocked. The painful experience brought by other mobile phones "Death Grip" will not be encountered at all for Reno3 Pro.

With the dramatic improvement in signals, a better gaming experience has become a user's deep pursuit. After all, with the gradual rollout of 5G network construction, large-scale online games and cloud games have become the next development direction of 5G mobile phones. In terms of gaming experience, heat dissipation is a very important aspect for users. After all, under high power consumption, if the heat dissipation of the mobile phone is not well done, it will inevitably affect the user's gaming experience.

In order to solve the heat dissipation problem of 5G mobile phones, Reno3 Pro brings a new stereo liquid cooling system. The back of the mobile phone screen is covered with copper foil + double-layer graphite sheet, which can evenly conduct the heat of the screen; the heat of the processor is transferred to the VC liquid cooling system through a thermally conductive gel, and the cooling liquid in the system conducts the heat and achieves cooling Effect; 3 layers of graphite sheets are also added to the middle frame and back cover of the mobile phone to help the whole machine achieve further heat dissipation. The above are all innovations made by Reno3 Pro to solve heat dissipation.

OPPO Reno3 Pro gaming fever test

On third-party e-commerce platforms, OPPO Reno3 Pro is well liked by users. After all, with its excellent exterior design, Reno3 Pro can provide users with a fast and stable 5G network experience, better thermal performance and faster charging experience. In addition, it is equipped with a 90Hz high-sensitivity curved screen, equipped with a Qualcomm dual-mode 5G chip, Snapdragon 765G, which supports video super dual anti-shake, making it easy to shoot large movies.

In this price range, OPPO Reno3 Pro is impeccable. How can users dislike such a phone? I want a strong 5G signal, and the game is fun, so choose it!

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