Want to make a monitor? Huawei applied for MateDisplay and MateScreen trademarks

At present, Huawei already has many products such as notebooks and smart phones, and it is constantly cultivating the experience of multi-screen collaboration. But for office party, study, bedroom users, the display effect of the monitor is still unmatched by other products.

△ Smart screen

According to LetsgoDigital, Huawei submitted two new trademark applications to the European Union Intellectual Property Office on August 13 this year: MateDisplsy and MateScreen. The descriptions of these two trademarks are: computers; laptops, tablets, mobile phones; smart phones; smart watches, liquid crystal displays; flat panel displays, LED displays; OLED display panels; computer displays; TV displays; head-mounted video displays; Wearable video display. But not surprisingly, they should be related to products such as displays or panels.

At present, Huawei has not announced more information about these two trademarks, but there have been rumors that Huawei will enter the display field, and there will be a version that uses a similar miniLED partition backlight and an e-sports version that supports high refresh rates. It includes high-end models.

Considering that Huawei currently has products including smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc., and there is news that it will enter the desktop field. In order to further improve the multi-screen collaborative experience, it is quite normal for Huawei to launch its own monitors. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility that these products will be sold together with desktop computers.