Warm and new place in winter, Huawei's world's first new model customer service center will open soon

The temperature in Beijing dropped this week, everyone put on thick clothes, right? Don't worry, a wave of warmth is coming!

On November 20th, a new customer service center representing Huawei's highest level of service will be warmly opened in Beijing Sanlitun Yingke Center! This is also Huawei’s first service center with a new model in the world. There are not only "black technology" robot assistants, leading full-scenario product experience, comfortable leisure environment and warm and caring services. It will undoubtedly be another Sanlitun A must-visit check-in place, a good place to keep warm in winter. Before the official opening, let’s take a look at it~

Healing space, more warm and interesting experience

In order to provide consumers with a comfortable and safe environment, Huawei Customer Service Center (Beijing Yingke Center) has a warmer and more humane space design, with warm-colored sofas, log-colored coffee table TV cabinets, high-end Huawei smart screens, and other home entertainment The scene creates a comfortable and comfortable home atmosphere. It is said that from time to time, there will be a service staff intimately serving a high-quality meal, freshly ground coffee, will people think that they are lying in their own living room. If you need an equal sign, you can also choose to wear Huawei Freebuds headphones to listen to a song, or use Huawei’s new Pad to read a book and watch a show, and enjoy a relaxing moment on the comfortable sofa with the aroma of coffee.

In addition, consumers who can’t sit still are also blessed. The Huawei Customer Service Center (Beijing Yingke Center) also provides novel and interesting experiences such as Huawei’s full-scene products, DIY workshops, and Huawei stages, allowing you to have fun. Here, not only "cure" your phone, but also cure your life.

The new "face-to-face" maintenance model brings peace of mind throughout the process

It is understood that the biggest feature of the Huawei Customer Service Center (Beijing Yingke Center) is the use of a brand-new maintenance model. Different from the traditional service store where one person accepts and the other person repairs, Huawei Customer Service Center (Beijing Yingke Center) has launched a "face-to-face" service seat, where consumers can directly communicate with professional engineers about equipment conditions, discuss repair plans, and even observe repairs. The whole process. During the repair process, consumers can communicate face-to-face with engineers when they encounter any puzzles or doubts. At the same time, consumers can also inquire and compare related costs and accessory information through Huawei's official website. This also means that consumers can know the fault location of the equipment and the details of dismantling and replacing parts during the entire repair process, so as to dispel doubts and distrust in their hearts and obtain a more secure experience.

Eighteen martial arts, easily solve any problems

When we encounter problems, we all hope that we can have an encyclopedia or a friend like a "living dictionary" around us to help us solve many difficult problems. It is reported that Huawei Customer Service Center (Beijing Yingke Center) has such a group of all-round experts.

All the staff at Huawei Customer Service Center (Beijing Yingke Center) are all-rounders: the engineers at the "face-to-face" service seats not only have excellent maintenance skills, but are also professional in terms of user reception; the young lady in the service hall will not only give You hand over hot coffee, and you can also communicate with you the mobile phone, PC, tablet, headset, watch and other Huawei full-scene products. When consumers face any problems and demands of Huawei's smart devices, every staff member here can provide the most warm and professional response at the first time.

Intelligent robots help speed up maintenance significantly

Another feature of the Huawei Customer Service Center (Beijing Yingke Center) is the addition of a group of intelligent robots, which shuttle between the maintenance service area and the semi-transparent spare parts room, replacing engineers to complete a large number of spare parts search, spare parts collection, spare parts registration, etc. Tedious work.

In this way, not only spare parts delivery and spare parts management become more efficient and orderly, engineers can also save more time to serve consumers wholeheartedly, and most importantly, the overall repair speed has been greatly improved, and consumers can also Get a faster and higher quality repair experience.

With so many avant-garde things to watch, are you excited? On Friday, November 20th, the Huawei Customer Service Center (Beijing Yingke Center) will officially open. If you want to quickly repair your beloved mobile phone, want to experience Huawei’s full-scene products, or just want to lie on the sofa and have a cup of warmth You can go to the Huawei Customer Service Center (Beijing Yingke Center) for warm coffee. Warm in winter, get it in one stop!