Welfare announcement of the first O powder Festival: 8 pieces of old flash charging machines and 8 upgrading of 65W super flash reno4

Recently, oppo officially announced that it would hold the first O powder Festival. This activity not only collaborated with reno4 super flash girls Liu Yuxin, Yu Shuxin and Zhao Xiaotang to create a new theme song “super flash summer”, but also brought super value benefits such as 8 yuan / 8 flash charging for super flash, sharing 10000 yuan (USD $1429) red packets and super flash summer gift bags.

As a fast charging brand born earlier in the mobile phone industry, the number of users of oppo vooc flash charging family has reached 157 million. However, not every user has used the latest 65W super flash charging technology. The o powder Festival is specially prepared for the users of these hand-held flash charging old models. It is reported that users who handle the old models of OPPO R7 and R11 can get their cards in the channels of OPPO+, OPPO WeChat official account and OPPO browser. They will go to designated stores to participate in activities on August 8th. That is to say, they will have the opportunity to buy 8 OPPO Reno4 new machines equipped with the latest Flash charging technology for 8 yuan.

It is understood that the whole series of oppo reno4 is equipped with & nbsp; 65W super flash charging technology, which can fill up the mobile phone in about 36 minutes. If the time is really urgent, it can also ensure that “5 minutes of charging, 4 hours of drama brushing”, as described in the lyrics of “super flash summer”, the “instant energy will be full”. Such fast charging technology plays a great role in solving the problem of electricity anxiety in 5g era. At the same time, 65W super flash charging also has the characteristics of low heat, even if you play while charging, you can also have a good flash charging experience.

In addition to fast charging, another secret of oppo reno4 series based on 5g era is lightweight fuselage. At present, most 5g mobile phones on the market are very heavy, some even exceed 9mm thick and 200g heavy. However, the whole series of oppo reno4 adopts light and thin fuselage design. The pro version even achieves the ultimate figure of 7.6mm and 172g, becoming one of the lighter 5g mobile phones on the market, holding the leading industry in hand feeling.

In addition, oppo Reno series has been very good at video shooting also ushered in further upgrading. On the basis of the super anti shake and real-time virtual beauty of the previous generation of video, reno4 series has added a new super night scene video mode, and the brightness, color and definition performance have reached a new level. Among them, reno4 Pro also carries Sony imx708 professional video lens, which improves the super wide angle video shooting experience in an all-round way through the characteristics of big bottom, large pixel and original 16:9 frame.

The & nbsp; 8-8 flash charging and super flash swapping activity will undoubtedly further reduce the replacement threshold of oppo’s old model users. Only 8-8 will have the opportunity to enjoy the mobile phone equipped with the latest Flash charging, design and video technology. Don’t worry about the small partners who don’t meet the exchange requirements. Oppo also provides a maximum of 1100 yuan (USD $157) to trade in old subsidies, points to cash, cash bonus and other preferential activities, which are also the best opportunity to start the reno4 series. Moreover, from August 3 to August 8, any old oppo user who purchases reno4 Pro can get a one-year broken screen saver worth 249 yuan (USD $36) for free. Go to the store to buy it~