Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi opened its operations for one year: 147,000 experience passengers accounted for 34%

According to news on November 25, China’s first fully open autonomous taxi (Robotaxi) service, Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi, announced its first anniversary report: a total of 147,128 trips were safely completed and the number of service users exceeded 60,000, without any Active responsibility for accidents.

On the first anniversary of its operation, Wenyuan Zhixing and the Transportation Research Institute of Tsinghua University jointly released China’s first Robotaxi passenger survey report. The report shows that Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi has accumulated nearly 30% of loyal users, and takes at least once a week. Driving a taxi, 37% of the passengers surveyed said that they can now take the fully driverless Robotaxi.

Wenyuan Zhixing started Robotaxi operation in Huangpu District, Guangzhou City on November 28, 2019. Users do not need any application or review, just download the WeRide Go App to call. In June 2020, Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi launched the nationwide aggregation taxi-hailing platform Autonavi, further increasing the degree of openness and reaching the public through more platforms.

In the area of 144 square kilometers in the center of Huangpu District, Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi has set up more than 200 pick-up and drop-off points to connect citizens’ daily travel scenes. Every Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 10 pm, Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi shuttles between residential areas, office buildings, shopping malls, subways, and bus stations, and carries out urban travel together with traditional vehicles.

On the one-year anniversary of Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi’s opening operation, Han Xu, the founder and CEO of Wenyuan Zhixing, said: “Operation data and research reports show that Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi has achieved remarkable results in its continuous open operation, and has achieved double recognition from the industry and citizens. On the one hand, it opened up a new situation for the commercialization of the autonomous driving industry, and on the other hand, it also won the opportunity for Wenyuan Zhixing to implement unmanned driving.”

More reports are as follows:

The report shows that in the past year of operation, Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi has won a group of loyal users from the traditional travel market. 28% of passengers ride at least once a week, and 15% of them take three or more trips a week. Continued open operations have allowed Robotaxi to gain a place in the travel market and help us see the possible impact of autonomous driving on urban traffic.

The young and middle-aged groups are the main passengers of Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi. Nearly 90% of them are full-time employees. Nearly 80% have a bachelor degree or above, and most of them have a driving license. Most of these passengers come from the traditional taxi/car-hailing market. Nearly 60% of passengers use Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi for daily commuting.

Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi has been recognized by passengers in terms of operation and management. The survey shows that passengers have relatively high satisfaction scores for “cleanliness in the car”, “impression of safety officers”, and “app use evaluation”. Regarding the ride experience brought by autonomous driving technology, “comfortable to pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles” and “driving safety” have also received relatively satisfactory evaluations.

About 80% of respondents said they will continue to use Robotaxi in their future lives or recommend that friends, colleagues and family also use Robotaxi. Nearly 90% of passengers appealed to Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi to expand its services to more areas. It can be seen that the passengers of Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi have high hopes for autonomous driving and are willing to actively accept and promote new modes of travel.

Li Ruimin, associate professor of Tsinghua University and director of the Institute of Transportation Engineering and Geospatial Information, spoke highly of the reference value of this passenger survey report to the driverless industry: “The gradual maturity and large-scale application of autonomous driving technology in the future will give urban The system has many impacts. However, due to the lack of actual road operations, many problems have not been effectively verified. The Robotaxi operation of Wenyuan Zhixing in Huangpu District, Guangzhou for a year is an in-depth study of autonomous driving. Various influences provide a good opportunity.”

Wenyuan Zhixing Robotaxi passengers are the first batch of experiencers and users of autonomous driving services in China. They have a more rational and optimistic attitude towards technological development and the implementation of unmanned driving. According to the report, 37% of the passengers surveyed said they could accept the fully unmanned Robotaxi “now”, and 39% believed that they would be allowed to ride after one year of fully unmanned safety testing.