What about mobile phone repairs and returns during the epidemic? Apple releases latest solution

News on March 17th, Apple recently updated the FAQ page on service, returns and new equipment orders, effectively solving the problem that Apple users may miss the time of mobile phone repair or return during the epidemic.

Here are some examples for everyone to understand. If you have just purchased a brand new Apple device, the final return period will be two weeks later, but due to the epidemic, you cannot handle the return business in the Apple Store. Apple has extended this situation. Return time, you will be able to return within 14 days after the Apple Store reopens.

Or you recently wanted to send your damaged iPhone to a store for repair but found that the store is closed. The repair period for this phone is about to expire. You will not be able to repair your phone until the epidemic is over. Don't worry, Apple will contact you for phone repair work or you can order a new device online, and you can check the repair progress of your phone by visiting the Apple Store website. · If you order a new device, you can also check the status of the order online, and determine the pickup location and other operations.

Recently, some of Apple's large-scale events (such as developer conferences) have been switched from offline to online, and Apple's first batch of 5G models in 2020 may also be postponed. Do you expect Apple's first new 5G phone?