What cutting-edge AI technologies does Xiaomi 11 contain? Tell you the answer with a long picture

As the latest flagship of the Xiaomi brand, Xiaomi Mi 11 focuses on “packing lightly”, while at the same time there is no reduction in AI technology. On January 13, Xiaomi officially released a long picture, introducing the cutting-edge AI technology behind Xiaomi Mi 11.

小米11 AI技术
Xiaomi 11 AI technology

Xiaomi Mi 11 supports video intelligent noise reduction. It uses a deep neural network-based intelligent scene detection method to classify the input domain audio signal in real time. According to the intelligent scene classification result, the subsequent camera AI audio noise reduction algorithm is adjusted to achieve different Intelligent audio noise reduction for video scenes.

Mi 11 provides customized emotional sounds, extracts acoustic features based on user audio data, can distinguish the performance of different timbres on the frequency spectrum, through adaptive learning, based on a large number of speaker recording data training to obtain a basic model, the target speaker’s acoustic features Input the corresponding pronunciation annotations into the basic model for migration learning, and finally realize that only a small amount of user recordings are required to achieve a good synthesis effect.

Xiaomi 11 provides magic video tools to continue to lead the creation trend of video + AI, landing AI-supported video shooting and editing products, including AI sliding zoom, one-click shooting-time still, freeze-frame new products. At the same time, Xiaomi Mi 11 supports the magic passerby elimination function, through the AI detection and elimination algorithm, intelligently remove people and lines.