What does the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 look like? Screen ratio is beyond imagination

Recently, some foreign media made a set of Galaxy Fold 2 renderings according to the information of the exposed Galaxy Fold 2.

Judging from the new renderings, the Galaxy Fold 2 still maintains the Galaxy Fold's folding design as a whole, but has made drastic changes on both the internal and external screens.

The inner screen has been removed from the side bangs and changed to a more beautiful digging screen. The outer screen has been further expanded to a drop screen, occupying the entire A surface, and the usability has been further improved.

The rear camera has been changed to the popular rectangular 5-camera. In this calculation, the Galaxy Fold 2 will be equipped with a total of 7 cameras. And the Galaxy Fold 2 in the rendering is also equipped with S Pen.

In addition, the rendering also involves a new hinge design. When the Galaxy Fold 2 is closed, there will be no gap in the middle. Given the hinge design of the Galaxy Z Flip, this design should not be too difficult for Samsung .

Of course, these renderings are just imaginative brain supplements from foreign media. Samsung did not disclose any news about the Galaxy Fold 2.