What is "Code Farmer's Book"? Code Farmer's notebook?

Usually in our perception, there are two kinds of notebooks, either thin and light, or game books. Friends with high performance needs, buy game books, and the rest buy light and thin books are enough to meet the demand.

In recent years, with the development of hardware, various high-performance thin and light have already increased. Their performance is not much weaker than that of the real game, and their weight and thickness have been greatly reduced, making them the gold oil product in the notebook market.

The emergence of high-performance thin and light books has perfectly solved the requirements of some people for high performance and design. After all, not everyone can accept the gaming style of gaming.

▼ Acer Shadow Knight

▼ HP Shadow Wizard

▼ ASUS Flying Fortress

However, some of these people will feel that it is useless to ask for a discrete graphics card. I don’t play games, and the software I need for my work doesn’t have a place to accelerate the graphics card.

Some people may think that this is not easy, just buy thin and light.

But their work requires a lot of data processing every day, and the low-voltage processor with thin and light performance is not enough.

There are a lot of such jobs, but a large part of them are code farmers.

Therefore, some laptops equipped with standard pressure processors, but without separate graphics cards, are also called “code farmers”.

Before 2019, there were not many brands that made “code farmers”.

Orthodox business books such as Lenovo ThinkPad T series and Dell Latitude all have standard pressure processors without unique options. Later, Dell XPS 15 (low version) also joined this camp.

These products are very expensive, tens of thousands of minutes, which is not affordable for newcomers in the workplace.

But after 2019, “Code Farmer Book” (later also called Creative Design Book) started to increase.

For example, Lenovo ’s Y9000X is basically a savior game that is compressed and thinned after removing the independent display.

In addition, there are AMD standard pressure processors, Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 13, Honor MagicBook Pro Ruilong version, are good models.

The AMD Ryzen processor has a strong multi-core performance by nature, and thanks to the 7nm process, the power consumption control is better than the Intel Core processor. Perhaps the spring of “code farmers” is coming.

No, the Mechanical Revolution released a “Code Farmer’s Book” yesterday, whose name is Code 01 (Code 01). This is a product for whom it goes without saying.

There is no doubt that this Code 01 is equipped with Ruilong 4000 series standard pressure processors, with six cores and 12 threads of Ruilong 5 4600H and eight cores and 16 threads of Ruilong 7 4800H.

It is said that the dual fan and dual heat pipe cooling module is adopted, and the power consumption of the processor can be released to 54W.

To be reasonable, although the heat dissipation effect cannot be judged by the number of fans and the number of heat pipes, it is already very sincere to be willing to give a single CPU with two heat pipes and two fans.

Some high-end notebooks use a single heat pipe to press the Core i9, which is not good.

16GB of dual-channel memory, normal operation in 2020.

90W power adapter, support type-C bidirectional fast charge.

Note that it is written separately here, it may mean that the standard 90W power supply is DC, but the user can use the PD charger to charge.

The screen’s 100% sRGB color gamut is well received, and the battery capacity of 91Wh is also well received. The battery life should be very powerful.

More importantly, the weight of the whole machine is only 1.47Kg.

This should be the lightest 15.6-inch notebook except LG Gram 15 and Acer Swift 515.

In general, this is a good product. The large battery, thin and light body, and high-performance large-screen notebook seem to have not appeared on the market. If the price is reasonable, it may become another explosion in the market. After all, even without a discrete graphics card, the integrated graphics performance of the Ruilong processor is not bad.

It’s just that in terms of brand awareness, the mechanical revolution is not comparable to Lenovo. Under the offensive of Lenovo Xiaoxin 15 Ruilong Edition at 3999 yuan (USD $571) , this Code 01’s living space is actually not large.

Guess the price, the lowest price is 5499 yuan (USD $786) with Ruilong 5 4600H 8GB + 512GB, you see it right?

In addition, the mechanical revolution has produced an almost reduced version of Code 01, called S2 Air.

The screen becomes 14 inches, and the weight of the fuselage is reduced to 1.13Kg.

Most thin and light books can’t be made below 1.2Kg, and this wave of operation in the mechanical revolution is very interesting.

Compared with the above Code 01, I think this S2 air is more suitable for being called code farmers, but I don’t know how the keyboard feels.

So the question is coming, will you buy more niche products to meet your unique needs?

It is better to follow the public choice and buy a cost-effective product.