What is the charm of smart TVs that mobile phone manufacturers have entered?

The entry of mobile phone manufacturers into the TV industry is nothing new. In addition to mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and Honor that have entered the game, OPPO recently announced at the 2020 OPPO Developers Conference that its first smart TV will be officially released in October, which means that OPPO has also officially entered the TV industry. Mobile phone manufacturers have entered the TV industry, what kind of charm does smart TV have for mobile phone manufacturers?

Mobile phone manufacturers inject new vitality into the TV industry

The TV industry can be regarded as a red sea at present, and mobile phone manufacturers will also face great competition when entering the TV industry. To give users a greater desire to change phones, the TV industry also needs innovation.

The entry of mobile phone manufacturers can bring new vitality to the TV industry. Mobile phone manufacturers have rich accumulations when making mobile phones, understand many pain points of consumers, and can insight into the current smart TVs that cannot meet the needs of users, and add more attractive smart TV products. The function of human, thereby changing consumers' traditional impression of TV.

For example, the Honor Smart Screen released last year added many innovative features at the product level, many of which have never been available on TVs before. The Honor Smart Screen adds a lifting camera. While the lifting design protects user privacy, it can also achieve 1080P high-definition video calls, AI fitness and other functions, which can add more practical functions to this screen.

The smart screen released last year has been deeply optimized for mobile TV interaction. The mobile phone can be easily projected to the smart screen, and the smart screen can be controlled by the mobile phone. The mobile phone photos and other files can be uploaded to the TV at the touch of a touch. In realizing the seamless interaction between mobile phones and large screens, mobile phone manufacturers undoubtedly have greater advantages, and the above experience is something users cannot experience on ordinary smart TVs.

In fact, we can see from the smart TV products launched by mobile phone manufacturers that many of the new features and highlights are converted from the thinking of making mobile phones. These are also one of the advantages of mobile phone manufacturers entering the smart TV, which can create some interesting and practical gameplay for users.

Although the traditional TV industry is very competitive, mobile phone manufacturers can often bring new vitality to the TV industry, bring innovative elements, and even launch differentiated competition, which can bring more opportunities to this industry. Mobile phone manufacturers enter the TV industry. Can bring about a certain change.

Seizing the core entrance of smart home is even more important

The above mentioned is only at the pure product level. Mobile phone manufacturers have entered smart TVs one after another. They are more aimed at the smart home ecosystem. It is more important for mobile phone manufacturers to seize the core entry of smart homes.

Whether it is a mobile phone manufacturer or a traditional TV manufacturer, their smart TVs have one thing in common, that is, they can be linked with smart devices. You can open the product introduction of a smart TV at will, you can find that it basically supports the interconnection function of smart home devices.

The living room TV has an unchangeable core position. When the living room smart TV can be used as the control center of the smart home equipment, the living room TV becomes more important. You can control lighting, fans, air conditioners, smart doorbells and other devices through the smart TV in the living room. As an interaction center, the TV can directly control various home appliances. This convenience is unmatched by other devices.

Mobile phone manufacturers have a huge base of mobile phone users and can more easily import these users into smart TVs. When mobile phone manufacturers can create a relatively complete smart home ecosystem, it will be more attractive to users. This complete smart home ecosystem can increase user stickiness, buy more products in the ecosystem, and so on.

Mastering the core entrance of smart TV is equivalent to controlling the future smart home equipment ecology to a certain extent, which can create greater opportunities for manufacturers. This is also something that every manufacturer needs.

For mobile phone manufacturers, it is not easy to build a complete smart home ecosystem. Even with the trump card of mobile phones, mobile phone manufacturers still need to get through the interaction between various smart devices. In this part, mobile phone manufacturers are also collaborating with more developers and home appliance manufacturers to enrich their ecosystems to cover a wider range of smart devices.


The entry of mobile phone manufacturers into the smart TV industry can bring new vitality to the TV industry. However, the entry of mobile phone manufacturers into smart TVs is not only expanding their product lines, but more importantly, they can seize the core entrance of smart homes, which will help build a more complete smart home ecosystem, and have more in the smart era where everything is integrated. Great opportunity.

In addition to smart TVs, mobile phone manufacturers are also expanding more smart device product lines, developing in a diversified direction, and building as complete a smart home ecosystem as possible. It is more important for mobile phone manufacturers to bring users a better intelligent life experience and at the same time to enhance competitiveness in the intelligent era where everything is integrated.