What is the significance of Huawei's "ecological big ears" when entering the headset market?

Just now, Huawei held the global online conference of the Mate 40 series.As Huawei's latest flagship, its discussion is needless to say.As the most powerful Mate ever, the various features of Mate 40 surprise consumers. .

But Xiao Lei believes that in addition to Mate 40, another new product of Huawei is also a well-deserved heavyweight product, and its demonstration significance to the industry is even as good as that of mobile phones. At this conference, Huawei released its first headset, and it is also the world's first smart dynamic noise reduction headset Huawei FreeBuds Studio. Huawei has sounded the clarion call to enter the traditional high-end headset field.

The new battlefield of headphones

According to IDC China's statistics, in the first half of 2020, China's wireless headset market shipped 42.56 million units, a year-on-year increase of 24%, of which TWS true wireless headsets accounted for 64%, a year-on-year increase of 49%. Only four years after the concept of TWS true wireless headset was proposed, the domestic market has become a red sea. In the fierce competition in the market, Huawei's FreeBuds series successfully stood out with its excellent audio technology and excellent ecological connectivity, and became the second largest manufacturer of China's wireless headset equipment market.

Image source: IDC “China Wireless Headphone Equipment Market Quarterly Tracking Report, Second Quarter of 2020''

The hottest term for TWS headsets this year is undoubtedly noise reduction. In the first half of 2020, active noise reduction products in the true wireless headset market in China accounted for 30%, an increase of 122% year-on-year. Huawei also released a new noise-cancelling headset FreeBuds Pro in September. Compared with other brands that use general noise-cancelling solutions, the noise-cancelling capability of Huawei FreeBuds Pro wireless headset is at the top of the industry.

At present, China's TWS true wireless headset market has formed a complete competition mechanism of "high-end leading new features, low-end competition for cost-effectiveness". Giants such as Huawei and Apple have also maintained their technological and share advantages and are still expanding. It can be seen from the popular lists of shopping sites such as JD.com that in terms of sales volume, TWS headsets have become the mainstream sales of "active noise reduction headsets".

Image source: JD Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Real-time Ranking

But the war is not over yet. Consumer electronics giants are no longer satisfied with defeating traditional headset manufacturers in the TWS field. They have to confront the traditional headset manufacturers. Huawei FreeBuds Studio is the first shot.

In addition to Huawei, Apple has also been eyeing the "noise reduction and big ears" market. According to multiple sources, Apple will also launch noise-reducing headphones at the end of this year. Today, when TWS headphones have become the mainstream of the market, and the traditional big ears are gradually declining, why do the two major headphone giants have a "noise reduction big ear dream"?

Subversion of traditional giants

Unlike the TWS headset field, the traditional noise reduction big ear is a relatively mature market that has been cultivated for many years. Brand leaders such as Sony and Bose have been widely recognized from the industry to consumers. Why do giants such as Huawei and Apple still have the confidence to step into this "clearly barriers" field, we may be able to find the answer on the Huawei FreeBuds Studio headset.

It is undeniable that the pace of innovation in the current noise reduction big ear market is much smaller than a few years ago. The latest noise reduction products from Sony and Bose have not changed the previous generation products. And in terms of price, these two products are approaching 3000 yuan (USD $429) , in order to pursue cost performance, most ordinary consumers who come here can only buy the previous generation products at the price of 2000 yuan (USD $286) .

The world's first smart dynamic noise reduction headset Huawei FreeBuds Studio

The advantages of noise reduction and battery life that traditional manufacturers are proud of have become a thing of the past after the birth of Huawei FreeBuds Studio headphones. In terms of noise reduction, Huawei has adopted a new intelligent dynamic noise reduction technology, and has also made substantial innovations in the headset architecture. Huawei FreeBuds Studio headphones can accurately distinguish scenes through a dynamic perception system and an adaptive noise reduction control system, and automatically adopt different noise reduction modes in different noise environments. Huawei FreeBuds Studio headphones have three different noise reduction modes: light, balanced, and deep, corresponding to the sound field environment of different noise levels, so as to achieve a "quiet and quiet" humanized noise reduction experience.

In order to retain key information, you can also turn on the vocal transmission mode, which can keep clearer and more transparent vocal information while appropriately suppressing the ambient sound. For example, in the process of walking in the park, the human voice is transparently transmitted, while maintaining a certain degree of noise reduction to the surrounding noise, you can clearly hear the avoidance prompts of the surrounding people, and you can chat with oncoming friends without taking off your headphones. A few days.

The sound quality of Huawei FreeBuds Studio headphones will not disappoint enthusiasts. It uses a 4-layer 40mm composite diaphragm and an audio player-level audio decoder chip, and uses professional-grade acoustic devices and structures to achieve 4Hz-48kHz ultra-wideband. High-resolution sound quality, self-developed L2HC wireless audio codec technology effectively solves the pain point of audio signal damage during wireless transmission, and can achieve a maximum audio transmission rate of 960kbps, plus the careful tuning of the professional-level tuning team, ordinary people You can also enjoy the wireless audio HiFi level listening experience (L2HC function needs to cooperate with HUAWEI Mate40 or HUAWEI P40 series mobile phones of EMUI11 and above).

Using 4-layer 40mm composite diaphragm and audio player level audio decoding chip

The tremendous progress of Huawei's FreeBuds Studio headset is strongly related to Huawei's hard work in the field of TWS headsets. Due to the small size of TWS headsets, the top consumer electronics manufacturers have thoroughly understood the technical points of battery life and noise reduction in a small size in the past three years, and they are naturally handy in dealing with large-size headsets. However, traditional headset manufacturers have repeatedly tested TWS, and perhaps they are not adapted to the current cycle of technological change.

The rapid learning ability of consumer electronics giants such as Huawei is also reflected in other aspects. Traditional selling points such as high-definition calls, fast charging of earphones, and gesture operation have also become the basic functions of Huawei FreeBuds Studio headsets. Compared with the "squeezing toothpaste" of traditional headset manufacturers, the "user first" mentality of consumer giants such as Huawei has made them successful latecomers.

These traditional functions are just a prelude, and the focus of Huawei's FreeBuds Studio headset is still the ecological advantage. As the world's first smart dynamic noise reduction headset, Huawei FreeBuds Studio headset can achieve seamless connection of all-scene devices. The big selling point of Huawei FreeBuds Pro is the "dual device connection" function, and FreeBuds Studio headsets can also perfectly support it, and realize extremely fast switching listening, which is superior to the traditional noise-reducing large-ear long-press connection. When watching videos and playing games on mobile phones or tablets, Huawei FreeBuds Studio headsets will automatically enter game mode or theater mode. The leading low-latency algorithm makes the entertainment experience smoother.

Huawei FreeBuds Studio headset dual device connection function demonstration

In terms of price, Huawei hopes to set off a new round of technological revolution with the pricing of consumer-grade products. Needless to say, using pollen from a variety of Huawei devices, for enthusiasts and ordinary consumers who need noise reduction big ears, Huawei FreeBuds Studio headphones can also be the first noise reduction big ears for young people, and ordinary people can also Can enjoy the beauty of noise reduction, and the performance of noise reduction is even stronger than that of headset manufacturers using traditional solutions.

The meaning of "ecological big ear"

At the beginning of the article, Xiao Lei said that the demonstration significance of Huawei FreeBuds Studio headsets to the industry is even as good as that of Huawei mobile phones. It can be said that after this year, the traditional "noise reduction big ear" has passed, but there is still a lot of imaginable room for the "ecological big ear" concept led by Huawei. If the noise reduction big ear wants to get rid of the decline in sales, its positioning must be changed to meet the daily needs of audio enthusiasts. Under Huawei’s strategic sharing, the headset will change from an independent device to an important part of the user’s home. It can not only bring a new experience in terms of sound quality and noise reduction, but also expand your audio life in your home life.

Xiaolei certainly does not deny the contributions made by traditional headset manufacturers to improve the audio experience, but there is one fact that is undeniable: in recent years, in addition to the traditional mobile phone business, the most powerful digital electronics manufacturers are the audio industry. After the efforts of consumer manufacturers such as Huawei, the wireless connection concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Xiao Lei believes that Huawei FreeBuds Studio headphones will attract many users who have higher requirements for sound quality and noise reduction. It will form a "dual high-end" strategy with Huawei FreeBuds Pro wireless headsets to meet users with different needs. At the same time, Huawei will once again enhance the public’s listening experience through technological innovation, and deeply bind headphones to user equipment with unparalleled connectivity to reduce learning costs. Huawei FreeBuds Studio accommodates the top technology of current headsets, and uses technological innovation to greatly optimize the noise reduction and delay experience of traditional Bluetooth headsets, but it is oriented to the future of "Internet of Everything", which is probably also of other consumer manufacturers. Ultimate demand.

It is reported that Huawei FreeBuds Studio wireless headsets will be available for pre-sale at 00:00 on October 23 at Huawei Mall, major e-commerce authorized platforms and offline authorized stores, and the pre-sale period will be from October 23 to November 10 On the day of the first sale, a deposit of 100 yuan (USD $14) is equal to 200 yuan (USD $29) . At the same time, online booking and first-sale users can receive Huawei Music members to enjoy ultra-high-definition sound sources. Welcome everyone to pre-order!

    Source: Lei Technology