What laptop do newcomers buy? HP ENVY 13 is your best choice

For every student who has just stepped into society, they are like a piece of white paper, and the workplace is like a big dyeing vat. Only you can grasp what color it is dyed. Even if they are labelled as “newcomers in the workplace”, they still have to deal with tasks like gunshots like “veterans” who have experienced many battles. Therefore, whether they can quickly adapt to the daily work of people in the workplace depends on the choice of productivity tools, and the HP ENVY 13 high-performance lightweight notebook is their best choice. This ENVY 13 has passed the Intel Evo platform certification, and is guaranteed in terms of battery life, wake-up speed, and charging speed, which can meet the needs of white-collar workers in the workplace to the greatest extent.

First of all, ENVY 13 is thin and light. The whole machine is as light as 1.3kg, and the thickest part of the fuselage is only 16.9mm, which should be considered very thin and light in a 13-inch notebook. Therefore, it can be easily put in a bag, and it is no burden to carry it. It is very suitable for white-collar workers who need to go out for meetings and travel around frequently.

Not only that, ENVY 13 adopts a new minimalist ID design, which is highly recognizable. The fuselage is made of metal on three sides, which is compressive, strong and tough, and at the same time more delicate and comfortable in touch. Its A-side adopts the line-designed mirror HP LOGO, which makes the whole machine more low-key and atmospheric. It is the best choice for the color control family to make you earn enough.

ENVY 13 uses a full-HD IPS display with a color coverage of up to 100% sRGB. Its professional-level screen quality can interpret high-reduction and high-definition pictures, making every detail visible. In addition, ENVY 13 also uses a full-screen design with four-sided narrow borders, with a screen-to-body ratio of 88%, which can bring a more immersive visual experience to white-collar workers.

It is worth mentioning that this ENVY 13 is also equipped with a physical camera switch. For contemporary workplace people, privacy and security are particularly important. The physical occlusion camera of ENVY 13 can protect the information security of workplace people. This is very commendable. Up.

In terms of user experience, ENVY 13 is also ingenious. It integrates the power button, camera switch, and fingerprint recognition module into the keyboard area. This will not only make the C surface more tidy and beautiful, but also let you even without a mouse. Operate freely and smoothly, improve your work efficiency in an all-round way, and bring you an excellent experience.

In terms of performance, ENVY 13 is equipped with the latest Intel eleventh generation Core processor, up to 16GB DDR4-3200MHz large-capacity memory, and up to MX450 graphics card, which is much better than the previous generation product. Improved, there will be no freezes or crashes during image processing and video editing, and the multitasking operation is also very smooth.

In addition, for white-collar workers in the workplace, the amount of data generated by the daily work that needs to be processed is very large. ENVY 13 can be equipped with up to 1TB PCle NVMe solid state drive. In this way, the capacity and speed of the notebook will be effectively improved, not only can accommodate a variety of materials, but also greatly reduce the time the computer spends when booting or reading and writing files.

Not only that, for many workplace people, they often need to go out to meetings with a laptop, so a laptop with super standby capability and fast charging capability is very important. The ENVY 13 is equipped with a large-capacity battery. Under the test of Mobile Mark 2018, which is closer to the actual use of the user, the ENVY 13 set display version supports a standard battery life of up to 13 hours, which can fully meet the needs of a day’s work without carrying The adapter reduces the burden of going out and mobile office. If you go out temporarily and find that your laptop is running low on battery power, don’t worry, ENVY 13 also supports fast charging technology, which can charge 50% in 30 minutes, so you can deal with a full-day workload.

In addition, in order to better meet the needs of white-collar workers in the workplace for connection and expansion, ENVY 13 is equipped with a Grand Slam interface. It has 2 standard USB 3.1 Gen1 interfaces (one of which supports charging) and 1 full-featured USB-C interface ( Support charging, output and input), the micro SD card reader socket meets more expansion needs, and there is an HDMI interface, which can support the expansion of a second screen and easily connect to projectors and other equipment. Therefore, the rich interface design provides all-around assistance for white-collar workers in the workplace, allowing them to have a more efficient and convenient working experience, and bid farewell to tedious connection operations.

ENVY 13 not only has an excellent screen display effect, but also its excellent performance can meet the needs of daily work, life, entertainment and even design. Therefore, it will undoubtedly bring more comfort to the white-collar workers who are busy all day long. Convenient experience to reduce work pressure. All in all, ENVY 13 is an indispensable and excellent product for professionals or college students about to enter the workplace. Now buy at HP JD’s self-operated flagship store, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the super-value benefits of JD’s spike, so hurry up and get started!

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